Money and Marriage with Roshan Hindia and Yatiksha Rao


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In this podcast, Roshan Hindia and Yatiksha Rao (one of the co-founders of Sowtastic), talk through their financial journey - learning from making dumb mistakes, mentorships, and actively seeking out #FinancialLiteracy, hear their variety of anecdotes, mistakes, successes, lessons learned on topics like #Budgeting as a couple, #FinancialGoalsetting, avoiding petty arguments over money, balancing time vs chasing money, needs vs wants, and much more!

In their 21 years together thus far - starting from initial seeds planted in their childhood, to their wins & challenges as college students, to being married and now raising two little kids - they strive to make this pod a tremendous value-addition and a must-listen!

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