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But stay tuned for other important updates, such as a satellite that prints itself in space, a mysterious ooutage of the European Galileo satnav system and an equally mysterious Chinese space station that burnt up in the atmosphere.

Meanwhile Thys travels in Asia, using information on deforestation from Satelligence, a Dutch company that we will devote our next episode to.


Chasing the Moon video series


Starship Hopper's first hop

Hayabusa 2 takes bite out of asteroid Ryugu

TESS mission finds solar system with at least three planets

A satellite that prints itself in space

Why did we suddenly lose Galileo signal for a few days?

TianGong 2 space station re-entered the atmosphere on 19-7-2019.

Chandrayaan 2 launched succesfully, on its way for a landing on September 7

SpaceX CRS-18 launch, and a new docking adapter for the Commercial Crew Capsules


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