Episode 100 Dee Snider (Twisted Sister)


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TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider once declared Metallica had "a lot of heart, but they’re never going to go anywhere.” In this fun and spirited conversation, Dee reflects on Twisted Sister's feuds with Manowar, Hanoi Rocks, Mr. Mister, and the PMRC; how Metallica ended up headlining over Twisted Sister in Holland in 1984; the role of Kirk Hammett in the Bay Area thrash scene; the importance of Dave Mustaine in early Metallica; the move he borrowed from Sammy Curr in the movie Trick Or Treat; singing “Metal Militia”; the PMRC hearings; Pee-Wee Herman; and more. Speak N' Destroy podcast theme by Scott Mellinger. Visit the Speak N' Destroy website and socials HERE. Part of the PopCurse podcast network.

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