Jesse Cole: How to REALLY put your fans first


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Introducing the Savannah Bananas, the lowest level of baseball in there US

Wearing a yellow tuxedo every day

"We are not in the baseball business, we are 1000% in the entertainment business"

Why he has no marketing budget

The all-you-can-eat deal to stop you getting "nickel and dimed"

Eliminating friction-points for the fan

Why they have no advertising and, as of February 2020, no partnerships

The decision to name the team the Savannah Bananas

Taking over from a historic baseball outfit where Babe Ruth played

Why having fun is your best business strategy and has improved home performance

The type of coach that copes with the showbiz

How does Jesse hires his staff

The concept of the director of first impressions

Can an introvert work for the Savannah Bananas?

The legend of Bill Veeck

What opposition owners and players make of the Bananas?

Why the Bananas perform better than the average team in comparison to other teams in the League

Creating the right working culture among staff

Why the staff are paid to read

The policy of hiring young and where older staff fit in

Who does Jesse consider as competitors to his shows?

Is the Savannah Banana's model transferable?

How stories are deliberately cultivated to reflect culture

Why you can only judge you marketing by shareablity?

Would learning marketing have actually hampered Jesse's ability as a marketer

What experiments have failed and at what point were they abandoned?

The concept of being 'the only'

Lessons from Walt Disney

Where he wants to take the Savannah Bananas in the future

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