Jon Lansdown: How to rebrand a football club


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The Bristol Sports model that sits “behind the teams”

The efficiencies that this model brings Why rebrand Bristol City?

The ‘more extreme’ rebrand of Bristol Bears and what was learnt

The response from the fans after the club asked for their opinion

The importance of local knowledge

The sense checks and challengers needed in ‘the circle of trust’

Changing the formation date on the previous crest

Taking off key features - like the famous bridge in the city

Giving out information on the crest but still expecting fans to be shocked

The importance of presenting the crest in the city and ‘underground’ sites

What information was taken from the fan survey

Why they chose the design agency they did? “Where you can, keep it local”

Why they released all their pages in the design process

The reason for launching in March and the nature of the launch event

“You can’t learn this stuff, you have to live it”

Learning from mistakes by others

Avoid the 'cartoon feel'

Admiring the rebrand of Juventus

The importance of versatility in the badge

Determining the signal from the noise

Putting a hashtag on the badge

The social media strategy for launching the kit

The problem of keeping it under wraps

Taking something from US Sports and why the Colorado Rockies are his second baseball team because of their social media

Changing the way you talk to your fans

Measuring the success of the rebrand

What they would have done differently

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