Ep. 51 Ten Ways to Maximize the Sales Price of Your Home


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In this episode, Realtor Adam Kruse and Realtor Shannon St. Pierre give their 10 seller tips to maximizing the sales price of your home. Find out why selling your house needs to come from an informational not emotional standpoint. Also, Mortgage Broker John Charlton of USA Mortgage gives his Mortgage Market Minute update on the 3 P’s of buying a home while still living in your current home.


Host - Adam Kruse https://hermannlondon.com/realtor/adam-kruse/

Shannon St. Pierre https://hermannlondon.com/realtor/shannon-st-pierre/



Producer - Joey Vosevich

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0:28 John Charlton from USA Mortgage gives his Mortgage Market Minute update on the 3 P’s of buying a home while still living in your current home. The 3 P’s are plan, plan, and plan. 1.) Financial game plan. 2.) Plan out your move with professionals. 3.) Execute that plan

1:40 Adam introduces his co-host, Shannon St. Pierre

2:25 What are 10 things sellers can do to maximize the sales price of your home?

3:15 Do Realtors do lunch and learn presentations to teach people about buying and selling homes?

3:20 Do companies do continuing education for their employees just as a bonus value add even if it has nothing to do with what the company does?

4:06 Is the weekend after the Super Bowl the big push for people to start buying houses?

5:22 What is a pre-inspection? How does it show a potential buyer that you take care of your house? How does a pre-inspection help a seller appropriately price a house? How does a pre-inspection help set buyer’s expectations?

12:10 Should you have a copy of the pre-inspection sitting out on the counter during showings?

12:30 Should a buyer who gets a pre-inspection expect the seller to not do their own inspection too?

13:10 What inspections should a seller do? Sewer lateral? Main building inspection? Radon?

14:07 What is curb appeal? Should you get your roof washed?

15:26 How can you download the free Hermann London Home Staging Guide?

16:40 Does a home need to be white-glove clean when selling it?

18:00 Is it okay for a buyer to ask a seller to clean their home if it is already on the market?

20:40 What is the smell test when it comes to selling a home? Should you wash your curtains? Can painting help with how a house smells?

22:25 What is an ionizer and how does it help with smells?

23:52 Do Glade Plug-Ins make the smell of a house worse?

24:10 What does it mean to declutter a home when you are selling it? Should you rent a storage unit while trying to sell your house?

26:00 How does depersonalizing a home help sell it?

27:59 What repairs and updates are needed to sell a home?

30:19 Should a seller do updates if they don’t know what the buyer wants?

32:00 Is it okay to simply ask the paint store and carpet store what their most popular color is and buy that?

35:00 Why would you replace a perfectly good brass door knob with a brushed nickel one?

36:30 How can updates be considered subjective when it comes to selling your house?

37:15 Why should you talk to a Realtor before doing those subjective updates to your home?

39:03 How does staging and photos help sell a home?

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