Why Nobody Returns Our Sacrifices?


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In today’s Startup Therapy Podcast, Wil and Ryan talk about imaginary debt. A lot of founders are tied to this idea that employees will commit the same level of sacrifice as they would for the company. And that people will appreciate what they do and stick around no matter what happens. But it’s all an illusion. No one can actually match a founder’s willingness to sacrifice everything for the Startup.

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What to Listen For

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:48 When you feel indebted to the people in your team
  • 06:26 Your team’s sacrifice is exponentially different from yours
  • 09:43 Everyone else is going to be looking out for themselves
  • 13:23 Founders find it difficult to get out of unhealthy situations
  • 17:26 There is a point at which feeling indebted has a limit
  • 20:28 No one actually takes care of the founders
  • 25:27 The endless “I can’t” that binds the founders
  • 29:11 Creating your own phantom conversations
  • 30:09 You have zero right to expect that your sacrifices will be appreciated
  • 34:39 Massive loyalty dissolves when a better offer comes
  • 38:31 How to break free from the imaginary shackles

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