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Krista is what you might call an unconventional individual. She values honesty and integrity in both her business and personal relationships. She is a true serial entrepreneur; she started her first business at twenty-one years old. Over the course of her life, She has done sales, digital marketing, and lead generation. She designed and founded a night club in Atlanta, and She helped start a technical education program. Before going into domain investing and brokering full-time, She spent six years as a professional dominatrix. As a Pro Domme, she did all of her own marketing and learned quite a bit about the specifics of digital marketing/advertising as well as social media marketing. When she puts her mind to something, She succeeds no matter the cost.
It was time for Krista to move on and try something different, as she's done many times before in her life. The domain business really allows her creativity to shine through. She is self-taught and extremely intuitive. Her natural intuitive ability and deep emotional intelligence allow her to connect with people of all backgrounds, often on a deep level. It also gives her the ability to invent some truly original domain ideas others may not think of or even understand at the time. Some people say she thinks outside the box; she responds that she doesn’t believe that a box exists.
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