Ep.12.Satyavati: Origin; Boon of sweet fragrance; Mother of Veda Vyasa (Mahabharata)


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Daughter of the great King Uparichara; mother to the author of the Mahabharata and the divider of the vedas; mother to 2 princes who became king; and the wife of King Shantanu, Satyavati was an intelligent and beautiful woman. Born to a Puru King and a fisherwoman mother, Satyavati was destined for great things and her adoptive father made sure to give her the best he could.

Listen to:

-the origin and stories of her ancestors

-the circumstances of her birth

-her affair and the time she fell in love

-how she received the boon

-her son–Veda Vyasa Krishna Dwaipayana

-what she did to save the Puru lineage from extinction.

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