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Ed Bierschenk is the Chief Potential Officer at A-Team Coaching.

He has been a business coach for over 10 years working with the owners of various companies including professional, retail, logistics, and service companies. In addition, he has over twenty five years experience as a business executive for HEB food and drug stores. Ed says his most significant business and coaching skills were gained as an executive responsible to hire, train and coach thousands of key employees and managers to achieve the successful opening of 100 retail units in less in six years. Coach Ed uses this experience , plus his MBA to drive his passion for helping companies and individuals unleash untapped potential. Ed is active with non-profits , serving on the Board of Directors for "ONE" an organization whose mission is to promote faith-based leadership training and healing prayer to make a difference in communities and organizations.

What has helped you be most successful as a coach?

How has coaching shaped you?

There are a lot of coaches out there, life coaches, executive coaches and business coaches. What does a business coach do that's is different than the other two.

Who has been the most influential coach in your life? What specifically helped you most?

How does coaching influence other areas of your life?

What has helped you grow the most as a coach?

When did you first see yourself as an effective coach, unlocking the potential of others?

For a coach starting out in your business, what advice do you have for the beginning phases?

In the phase of your life in being a grandfather, what is most precious about this part of the journey?

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