469: Podcasters Roundtable (Q1, 2022)


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Time for #FlashbackFriday!

Each quarter, Mike Casey (CEO, Tigercomm) and I convene the top podcasters covering cleantech sectors for a rich, one-hour discussion of trends, developments, challenges and opportunities.

Join us in hearing from the people who help shape the view of your company and your sector for investors, markets, and policymakers! This was our 4th Quarterly podcaster’s roundtable.

Nico is joined by: Mike Casey (Tigercomm), Tim Montague (Clean Power Hour), Marie Burgquist (GRNE Solar), Gil Jenkins (Hanon Armstrong) and Josh Porter (SolarCoaster)

This episode in particular featured heavily on our thoughts/reflections over the war in #Ukraine and its implications to the Clean Energy sector and the #Energy infrastructure & supply chain broadly. There was a very balanced view, in my opinion, on the need for a yes, and, approach to our reliance on fossil fuels, the inevitable transition to more sustainable fuels, and the necessity in the near term of different kinds of generation & distribution technology to enable a safe & secure #EnergyTransition.

If you know (Or are) a Cleantech Podcaster who should be on the Q2 Podcaster’s RT (in June) then please give me a shoutout so we can consider them!

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