13: Annette Evans: "Every Girl Should Learn How to Shoot!"


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Annette is a competitive shooter, private firearms instructor, attorney, author, blogger, and she was gracious enough to join Mike on the podcast for an interview. If you are just getting into shooting as a private citizen, listening to her talk about learning a new skill is worth your time. She and I talk about her progression from casual shooting to serious self-defense, and the value of steeping yourself in the competition shooting sports. She tells us what to look for in shooting instructors, some thoughts on carrying a concealed handgun, and ways to practice shooting at home "without the noise and recoil." (Hint: It has something to do with her book, The Dry Fire Primer!)

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Annette makes a reference to John and Melody's Class (and the podcast, Ballistic Radio)

Annette's video on purse carry (she didn't love this question, thanks for being a good sport Annette!)

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