Best Firefighting podcasts we could find (Updated April 2018)
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The radio show for firefighters who are interested in training, firefighting safety, current events, and advancing their career.
Audio Training For Firefighters
The twice-weekly podcast for and about firefighters, "Code 3" covers topics of interest to those in the fire service, through interviews with those who know it best. From Chiefs to Probies, Engineers to Firefighters, and Paramedics to EMTs. award-winning journalist Scott Orr talks with them all.
Smart Firefighting
Podcast by Smart Firefighting
Welcome to FIREFIGHTER STORIES, where you get to follow me, NATHAN throughout my career in the fire service. - Dedicated to fire safety & prevention through public education
Podcast by IAFF 1784
The mission of Firefighters For Christ is to encourage firefighters to live their lives for Jesus Christ. Hebrews 10:24-25Visit us - Dedicated to fire safety & prevention through public education
Fire Engineering Magazine's been devoted to the training interests of firefighters since 1877. Now we're on the airwaves.
Off Duty Podcast
Off Duty was born at the firehouse coffee table. Everyone's job comes with stress. Off Duty is a place for ordinary people to sit down, relax, unwind, and have fun while "OFF DUTY"
Engine House Training, LLC
Podcast From The Bottom is brought to you by medical student Warren Evans and Firefighter Kyle D to discuss our journey and everyday problems.
Disaster Dads
Every few weeks, the Disaster Dads will gather to discuss the emergencies and disasters of the moment. They will provide tips and tricks for handling disasters at home and how the skills of emergency management translate well to the management of a toddler. The Dads will bring their years of training as emergency responders into your car, living room, or office and through entertaining stories they will help you prepare for whatever your next disaster may be.
SAMatters Radio
SAMatters radio is dedicated to improving first responder safety by helping you see the bad things coming... in time to change the outcome.
Building Better Firefighters and Leaders
Increasing Fire Ground Performance - Firefighter Fitness
CrossFit Radio
The shows are live interviews and discussions about all things CrossFit. The show's, Justin Judkins, interviews a wide variety of guests.
OPS Radio Network
OPS Radio Network | Protecting our Public Safety Brothers and Sisters, while serving our Communities.
If you change, the world changes. Join Alex who is a former Wildland Firefighter, traveler, and adventurer as he speaks with people from around the world with alternative lifestyles, mindsets and stories to show you all the possibilities this world has to offer. After all, everyone has a story... it's about time to write yours. Find out more at
EM Weekly is a podcast hosted by Todd De Voe that brings news, interviews, discusses trends and issues that impact Emergency Management, first responders, military, education, public safety, communications, disaster volunteer organizations, public health, humanitarian groups, NGOs, professionals, students, and researchers.
Every second Tuesday of the month Jesse Roman, staff writer for NFPA Journal, and other experts will dive deep into the latest trends and issue in fire, electrical and life safety.
The Bravest is the leader in Firefighter Media and Discussion.
Increasing Fire Ground Performance - Firefighter Fitness
Salute to Service
Every Saturday 2pm to 4pm on 106.3 WORD. The Upstate's very own Jon Turner and Chuck Porter have discussions with those who serve for our country and our communities!Salute to Service is the only show of its kind in the upstate. Two full hours of news and editorial that speaks directly to the concerns of the active and reserve military, veterans, law enforcement, first responder communities, and those who support them. From local interests to state and national headlines , no topic is too bi ...
Firefighter Training Podcast - The FirefighterToolbox Podcast and Internet Radio Show is for those firefighters who want to take their firefighting and leadership skills to the next level. We will be interviewing top firefighters, experts and leaders to learn what it takes to be a great firefighter and leader in the fire service.
The preeminent source for public safety labor and employment law issues.
On The Line
A Podcast for Today's Wild Land Firefighters.
The preeminent source for public safety labor and employment law issues.
This podcast is dedicated to helping you achieve the highest levels of success, fulfillment and character. Regardless of where you’ve come from, to become the best version of yourself you must persevere, face challenges and conquer your fears. Victory is better than comfort or compromise. The host, Stephan Kesting, is a lifelong martial artist, BJJ black belt, and career firefighter. On the podcast he talks to fighters, competitors, coaches, firefighters, trainers and other people living the ...
In August 2006, Brandy Hall, a 32-year-old mother and Malabar firefighter, vanished. What happened? Where is she? Someone knows something, but who? Find out the possible answers in Season 3 of the award-winning Murder on the Space Coast podcast.
Robbie Mac Radio
Welcome to RMR, your place to stay connected with Robert McCormick for the latest news and information on upcoming benefits to help others.
A Podcast for firefighters, by firefighters and everyone else in between!
Conversations with American Heroes at the Watering Hole features weekly guests from the military, police and law enforcement, and firefighting community discussing issues important to our Nation’s defenders and first responders. Information on upcoming and previous edpisodes can be found at Previous first responder guests have come from federal, state and local law enforcement agencies as well as other emergency first responders such as paramedics, emergency medic ...
This is the Tactical Fitness Report #1 with Stew Smith podcast. We will post these each week and discuss a variety of topics focused on Tactical Fitness Training for Military, Special Ops, Police, and Fire Fighting Training. We will also review videos on swimming, give quick power point presentations and discuss all things Tactical Fitness related.Check out other videos of combat swimmer stroke, workouts, and other spec ops related training. See or ...
WaRRPeD RaDiO Show
WaRRPeD RaDiO Show hosted by Tony, Ray and Scott!
A Firefighter podcast by Firefighters. Honest and unedited. We start with a question about the fire service and see where the conversation goes.
The Fire House Chef
Geared towards proving that "anyone can cook", the Fire House Chef (AKA - Ryan McKay) will break down the barriers and fears that surround cooking. I will stress the importance of family and food and that with one comes the other. Be it in the Fire House or at home, you will walk away from The Fire House Chef with the belief that cooking is for the many, not the few
Legacy Nation
Helps listeners to discover, understand, and apply principles of faith to everyday life while building a legacy for their children and grandchildren.
Firefighter / Paramedic / Business Owner & Entrepreneur/ EVE Online player since the beginning
A group discussion among firefighters and fire officer regarding several elements of the fire service.
EMS Lecture Series
Online continuing education courses and training for the emergency medical services professional: FR (First Responder), EMT (Emergency Medical Technician), EMT-I (Intermediate), EMT-CCT (Critical Care Tech), EMT-P (Paramedic), firefighters, and other medical professionals.Take tests and print out CE certificates as soon as you pass the test! Access the program any time, any place via the Internet.As with any continuing education, please check with your state/regional/local EMS office for acc ...
We are your 350 professional Firefighters of Pierce County
Headstrong Podcast
Kiel and Raul are active duty firefighters hosting candid and honest conversations aimed at trying to understand and raise awareness around PTSD, suicide and substance abuse amounts members of our Military, Fire, EMS and Police services. Contact us at if you'd like to join or have an idea for a topic. “WE SERVE THOSE WHO SERVE OTHERS”
Latest exercise science as it relates to the tactical athlete. Interviews with experts in the field of training tactical athletes. We bridge the gap between the science conducted at the operational level and operator kicking in doors, the firefighter climbing ladders, the law enforcement officer keeping us safe, and the EMT keeping us alive. A podcast for sheepdogs by sheepdogs.
Battle Scars
Some firefights and bomb blasts never make the news or the history books, but they’re still incidents that changed the lives of those involved. In each episode, host and former soldier Thom Tran talks to fellow veterans of our recent wars. We hear from a badly burned vet who became a TV star; a medic who says God answered his prayers on the battlefield; and one of the few women soldiers to take an enemy life in action. Thom also shares his memories of fighting in Iraq, where a sniper's bulle ...
A daily podcast for firefighters and media around the world.
Ron and Don make a difference in the lives of real people. Whether rallying behind the families of fallen police and firefighters, or raising emergency supplies for victims of natural disasters, Ron Upshaw and Don O’Neill bring you the human stories behind the news. Join the Ron and Don Nation weekdays 3 to 7pm on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM.
Money Peach
Chris Peach is the founder of Money Peach, the award-winning blog and personal finance website with a unique feel and style. Unique because Chris is not from the traditional financial world – he is a full-time firefighter in Phoenix, AZ and a full-time hustling entrepreneur himself. In July 2016, the Money Peach Podcast was started and today the weekly show (released on Thursdays) features incredible, high-level, entrepreneurs who share their stories on life, money, and what made them climb ...
Quarterly news and conversation from the International Association of Fire Fighters "Magnificent" 7th District, representing the 10,600 Firefighters and Paramedics of Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska.
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Coach and Tyler take you through the epic adventure that was Adepticon 2018. They go over their travels and the vendor hall. Cover the Deadzone and Firefight report with in depth analysis. They also go over Mantic Night and Mantic After Dark. The guys also did some other tournaments. Tyler:Kings of War and Coach: Test of Honor. So strap in and ...…
Chef Ace Champion shows us how to make a delicious potato casserole with the help of the firefighter team!
Clallam 2 Fire Rescue gets wildland fire fighting help - State Rep. Mike Chapman
Two people were injured Tuesday night when a fire consumed their house. Fort Walton Beach firefighters responded to the blaze at 18 Linwood Road N.W. about 9 p.m. and helped two people escape, according to city spokeswoman Jo Soria. Both people were hurt, but the injuries were not life-threatening.
A fire breaks out, and the Rebbe is concerned about the pazharnikes (firefighters) destroying things.
Good morning VGR I am Arthur Laramie, I am a Veteran of 2nd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, joining the military in 2008, and serving as a Patricia from early 2009 until 2015. I was then posted to JSR, where retired via medical release in 2017. During my military career, I completed two tours to Afghanistan, first as a Do ...…
Bull is another example of a Firefighter taking action when he finds a problem. Bull is walking across the Florida to gather support for Firefighter Cancer Coverage. He is supported by the nonprofit Responders 4 Life and he needs YOU to help...please sign his petiton. Bull is traveling with Army Vet Spencer who is the backbone of Bulls pilgrima ...…
In this rapid-response episode, Thomas and Andrew take a look at the things Andrew Was Right about over the past few weeks (yay!) as well as the things Andrew Was Wrong about (boo!). It's Schrödinger's Andrew Day! In the pre-show segment, the guys go through the scenario for all of our Opening Arguments Community March Madness potential winners ...…
AFTERBUZZ TV — Station19 is a weekly “after show” for fans of ABC’s Station19. In this show, hosts Sarah Lyons and Linda Antwi break down episode 3. ABOUT STATION19: Practically raised at Seattle’s Station 19, Andy Herrera is a confident firefighter who is also the daughter of Pruitt Herrera, the formidable head of the firehouse. Capt. Pruitt w ...…
The closest analogy that describes all of social media right now is this: Looking out across the social media horizon, there’s nothing but warehouse fires: So many blazing so hot that the firefighters don’t know where to begin. And whatever they try, nothing works.
Stealth Performance Communication Tactical Wearable Technology For the soldier of the future in the world of today. Jordan Kestner is an Army veteran. Jordan has a degree in exercise science. He is also an entrepreneur and has led and started multiple endeavors. He is currently CEO of Stealth Performance Communication. Edwin Richardson is a ret ...…
A Scottish man teaches his dog to salute Hitler so Bill Morgan tries to teach his dog, General Lee, that the Civil War was about States' Rights! Trump faces off against Crazy Joe Biden at WRESTLEMANIA 2020! And a firefighter foresaw that Trump would become President - and Bill Morgan sees who will be the next President!!...hint: it's Herman Cai ...…
Kevin, Sully, Crystal and Rachel discuss their thoughts on whether addiction is really a disease or something else. They delve into addiction and treatments as well as what may be the best way to help an addict. Also joining them in the second half of the show are the owners of Black Smoke Apparel out of Fresno, CA. 2 Firefighters that started ...…
Would you rather be a police officer or a firefighter?
On today's episode of the "Fat Radio podcast, Joe interviews Men's Health Contributor and personal trainer at the Anatomy Gym in Miami. Sean shares his incredible story from Firefighter to successful Cross Fit Gym Owner To Strength n Conditioning Coach to Closing A Gym to moving his entire family across the country and all the life ...…
WOR's Alice Stockton Rossini at St. Patrick's Cathedral where a funeral is held for firefighter Michael Davidson
3.27.18 580 Live with Danny Jones.Kanawha Co Commissioner Kent Carper calls in at the top of the show with much of their discussion focused on the Pratt Firefighters that passed away in an accident over the weekend. CW Sigmon, Emergency Service Director for Kanawha Co, calls in to provide an update on the condition on the injured firefighters. ...…
Steve, a retired Phoenix Firefighter, shares the story of a call that will stay with him forever. It’s circa 1990. 2AM. A three-story nightclub on Mill Avenue in Tempe catches fire. The building is old and has been renovated time and time again. Hidden spaces behind walls and beneath floors conceal fire and smoke. Electricity in the building re ...…
I Don't Know Where to Start is a podcast that discusses sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, and rape culture. Co-hosts Kimmie and Stephany discuss personal, anonymous, and media stories of harassment. Viewer discretion is advised. This week Kimmie and Stephany discuss sexual harassment and assault for female firefighters. We too feel like ...…
Sam Neuhauser is our guest on Joshua T Berglan's Morning Gratitude!!!!!! Maryland Native residing in Southern California since 2008. Marine Corps Combat Veteran with 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Bn. After 4 years of service, I went on to pursue a career in the Fire service, and while going to school I had the opportunity to work in other ca ...…
Sam Neuhauser is our guest on Joshua T Berglan's Morning Gratitude!!!!!! Maryland Native residing in Southern California since 2008. Marine Corps Combat Veteran with 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Bn. After 4 years of service, I went on to pursue a career in the Fire service, and while going to school I had the opportunity to work in other ca ...…
Ryan Fowler is a 3 time over-dose survivor. Now, in recovery, and thru his work, he talks with firefighters and other first responders about his story. It was a pair of firefighters who revived him when he overdosed for the last time, and through telling his story with fire departments, Ryan was reconnected with the two firefighters that revive ...…
In this episode, Aaron introduces guest Dave Swanson, an experienced combat leader that motivates and coaches clients. As a motivational speaker, he was a platoon leader that engaged in over 100 firefights while deployed to Sadr City, Iraq. A consummate leader that speaks and coaches with a sense of humor that reminds us that we all have the re ...…
A wake is being held for firefighter Michael Davidson, who died in a Harlem fire
3.26.18 580 Live with Danny Jones.Rusty Webb joins Danny for their Monday morning show. They start the show by discussing the Stormy Daniels interview and the gun march across the country over the weekend. Jeff Jenkins joins for the second segment to share the story of the two Pratt Firefighters that passed away in an accident this weekend. The ...…
Carissa Smith, is a lifelong member of First Baptist Church Scottsbluff. She and her husband Chris have 4 children. Carissa loves people, Rockies baseball, and the community of Scottsbluff. Her ministry at FBC includes overseeing the new Career Closet and the Firefighter Ministry. Please consider donating a large vehicle to the Firefighter Mini ...…
In this episode, HM and MC ask you to join them in a moment of silence (as if they could do such a thing) in respect for the passing of HM’s beloved 24-hour shifts. The boys are back in the studio to talk about a confusing law concerning Firefighters and overtime. That’s right, y’all! Happy has to join the masses of other first responders that ...…
Dom, Ryley, & Sam remember the great Stephen Hawking, debate the best way to design underwear, and wonder why there is very limited porn catered to women. Fact Check Disclaimer: It is "catch them all" in the Danny Phantom theme song Stephen Hawking didn't create the computer Cocaine was introduced in 1884 Guy Fieri is not the lead singer of Sma ...…
OB is the President of IAFF Local 1403 and a Lieutenant in the Miami-Dade County Fire Department. He has dedicated himself towards the advancement of firefighter rights and benefits. We discuss issues ranging from PTSD to being Politically Correct "PC" at the fire station.
OB is the President of IAFF Local 1403 and a Lieutenant in the Miami-Dade County Fire Department. He has dedicated himself towards the advancement of firefighter rights and benefits. We discuss issues ranging from PTSD to being Politically Correct "PC" at the fire station.
Many of the calls firefighters respond to are for other emergencies that have nothing to do with fires. For example, firefighters are taught a variety of extraction methods for helping trapped individuals out of wrecked vehicles and from under crushing weights. Accordingly, you need to have risk-assessment skills that allow you to make quick ye ...…
WOR's Alice Stockton-Rossini visits a movie set in Harlem where a New York City firefighter was killed.
010: From Bombshell to Bomb Expert with Peggy Munson They told her she couldn’t do it! This 5’6” former dancer decided she wanted to be a Las Vegas Firefighter but they told her she needed to be home in the kitchen cooking and pregnant. Peggy Munson showed everyone and earned her position as one of the few female Firefighters at the Las Vegas F ...…
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