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On November 29, 2018, just as planning on Season 4 was about to get underway, Daredevil was abruptly cancelled by Netflix, and Marvel fans everywhere wondered if they’d ever see the Man Without Fear on-screen again. Since that cancellation, the #SaveDaredevil campaign has worked to keep hope and momentum for Daredevil’s return alive. Now, as the rights to Daredevil are poised to return to Disney and Marvel, we sit down together as team members *and* massive Daredevil fans to discuss topics related to the show's future, campaign strategies, address the ongoing rumor mill, and get our fangirl on about the show and character we love. If you’re looking for the best, most comprehensive information about Daredevil, its cancellation, and its chances for revival, subscribe to the #TalkDaredevil podcast today.

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