“The worlds oldest Bible is a replica: Simonides the scribe.” James Snapp, Jr. vs Steven Avery


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“The worlds oldest Bible is a replica: Simonides the scribe.” James Snapp, Jr. vs Steven Avery

In this episode Steven Avery and James Snapp, Jr. debate the thesis “The worlds oldest Bible is a replica: Simonides the scribe.”

Steven will take the affirmative and James the negative.

There was a video we played from BBC that showed the condition of Aleph vellum and the ink on it as well. BBC blocked this video so I had to edit it out. Here is the video we played and trimmed out.


Here is a video from 1933 as well when it moved from mascow to London. https://videos.files.wordpress.com/FdScOuZ6/codex-sinaiticus-british-movietone-footage-1933_dvd.mp4

Here is a link to the pure bible forum for Steven Avery. feel free to use that or Facebook to contact Steven. www.purebibleforum.com

http://www.thetextofthegospels.comHere is a link to James Snapp Jr.'s website as well. http://www.thetextofthegospels.com or http://www.curtisvillechristianchurch.org

10 minute opening statements.

37 minutes of open moderated dialogue where I pick the topic and you Steven and James discuss.

Audience Q&A for 15 minutes before Round 2.

Round 2- of open moderated debate where I pick the topic.

4 minute responses

5 minute closing statements.

Audience q&a.

Call in at 816-866-0025


Join the livestream https://guest.ecamm.live/4b7a55a7c

Topics of discussion:

provenance, palaeogrphy, history, impossible variants, coincidence and probabilities

For all copyright purposes, we show a 2 minute video from BBC for commentary and educational purposes only.

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