Eric Van Zelm: Reward in Agile Environment


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In this episode, I am talking to Eric van Zelm, Senior Client Partner from Korn Ferry research institute.

Eric has spent many years with Agile principles and he is very passionate about this subject. In the episode, we speak about Agile principles and how they can be implemented in an organization. Then we switch to reward in Agile environment. We discuss in more detail: How to evaluate Agile jobs? When doing so, one need to take into consideration:
  • the complexity of the project
  • personal impact (e.g. connection to the business, knowledge - go to person, network, etc.
  • Overall, it’s a delicate balance between the job and the person sitting in the job
Team reward
  • One shouldn’t differentiate too much in Agile environment, it can be hearting the internal cohession
  • Typically, 3 point scales can be seen (clear indication of true excelence, and “missing the boat”)
  • Incidental bonuses (coinciding with achievements) work better than annual payments
  • Budget distribution among team members - at the discression of the manager/product owner
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