Episode 39 - It's The Future, Which One of These Knobs Do I Have To Blow?


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Follow us again dear listener as we converge tangentially.
Well, we're going to watch last night's Expanse, and before it, who knows, we might record a thing!
First off I'd like to thank both @acedtect and @alkebob for posting a picture of the two of them from Vegas where there was a meet up. Great pic, which they entitled 'two thirds of the Tangential Convergence audience'.
So, Tesla has an idea for an electric transport truck. Cool. Then Nicola Motors (yeah we get it) has decided to sue Tesla for two billion dollars. Seems legit. This seems to me to be as sensible as, oh, say TWIT suing Twitter. (That's happening by the way). Damn, I should be careful, maybe I'll get sued for mentioning all of this stuff.
This got us all into lots of stuff, look, I'm a shitty writer and that's what I've got. I'm a shitty writer, but, the library at the university has to pay for y shitty writing.....
Oh yeah, two things, I forgot to use Tom Merritt's excellent line about how Edison Motors should sue Tesla, and, Go Hounds Go!
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