S3E018 – Gently Fixing Braces


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What’s up people? Dave and the Wiz are back again this week to discuss shop mishaps, casual game optimization, and answer your questions in a BRAND NEW SEGMENT!

Debate for the Ages

1:40 – “Another 2020 Moment”

4:00 – Wizner’s Turnip Market Tracker

13:40 – The Team GFB Radio Woodworking Safety Minute

21:50 – Dave’s TFT Simulator

31:25 – !!!NEW SEGMENT!!! Ask The Wiz!

32:10 – Q1) Who do you quarantine with?

36:10 – Q2) What’s the Board Game Situation?

39:45 – Q3) How do you separate work and home life now?

45:00 – Q4) Oatmeal Chocolate Chip or Regular Chocolate Chip?

45:55 – Q5) What are you excited to do once lockdown is over?

49:00 – Q6) How can passionate fans give helpful feedback?

54:15 – Email: Colton talks about breaking into the industry

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