S3E033 – Guzzling Fuel Bucket


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Is this thing still on?

Are we here?

Back again?




0:30 – Apologies
2:00 – Dave finally committed to that RV Trip
17:15 – Dave gets closer with nature
30:20 – Salt Lake
41:20 – Darryl’s Echo Glasses
46:45 – Dave doesn’t know how to read
50:30 – Darryl and Dave talk about how we have allowed corporations to know everything about us
56:30 – ASK THE WIZ
57:20 – In the spirit of the recently-released THPS1+2, what would your skateboard special trick be?
58:50 – Have any of you ever skated or considered trying it?
59:30 – If you could name a hurricane what would you name it?
1:00:15 – Once the pandemic is over, do you see yourself going to Disney and Universal?
1:00:40 – Where do you both fall on digital only vs physical next gen consoles? Do you still want the disc drive?
1:03:05 – Is there anything you find exciting or interesting in c++20 for game dev?
1:03:35 – Did the person in charge of naming new versions of C used to work for Microsoft?
1:03:55 – What did you do with the kids for school?

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