A Transcendent Realm - Episode 12


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This is the 12 podcasts of the anointed, this episode goes into detail about the things I have discovered over a 10 year period of searching for answers into every moment of life.
Along my journey I found spiritual enlightenment and learn how to do extraordinary things like stepping out of body and transcending space and time. I learned to navigate creation and went so far as to find God up in heaven.
This podcast goes into great detail about my first book once upon a transcendent realm. In fact before we started God gave me the first and last lines of the book, he said we were going to be doing great things together and that I was going to write about afterwards.
I hope you take a moment to listen and I hope it opens up your perspective on the sort of things were all capable of, we are talking miracles here. The book as I mentioned is a 10 year culmination of spiritual insight and historical record into one of God's greatest works.
I spoke about the many worlds theorem explaining things like quantum mechanics and quantum physics which backup the scientific points of view regarding different realms and dimensions. I even spoke about the spiritual insights regarding religious teachings and various spiritual topics that people have had questions for for thousands of years.
Thanks for taking a moment to listen I hope you are inspired by the things you hear and I hope you decide to go out and pick up a copy of once upon a transcendent realm and read it, and that it changes your life. Its changed mine!
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God bless you

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