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Enlightened Empaths
A show based on a rational approach to understand Consciousness, discover Reality, and experience Meaning. For the first time in history, humanity has the capacity to consciously chart its own evolution. With the help of our modern understanding, technology and connectivity, we can create an enlightened individual, community and world.
Welcome to the Enlightened by Dogs podcast…where training and behavior meet Heart and Soul for an inspirational and educational journey. Each week, we’ll take a dive deep into the human-dog connection and explore strategies that will inspire you to create legendary, enlightened partnership with your dog. Kathy Kawalec has always had a deep resounding connection with dogs and she has devoted her life to being their voice in a world where not many are TRULY listening. This passion is fueled by ...
Welcome to the illuminarchy. Are we the Enlightened Ruling class, or Enlightened Anarchists...
An Pan-African Political Talk Show. It seeks to education, inform, enlighten and expose information and activities of interest to Africa and African People
The Legally Enlightened podcast helps to make law, life and YOU feel a little bit lighter and brighter. Lisa Fraley, an Attorney, Holistic Health & Life Coach, Speaker & Best-Selling Author shares bite-size legal tips – in 20 minutes or less! - so you can feel safe, secure, confident and empowered as you grow (with grace!) in business and life. From trademarks to LLCs to disclaimers and more, Lisa deconstructs the law into plain English and adds a dash of spirituality, love and heart to shar ...
In their books "Freakonomics," "SuperFreakonomics" and "Think Like a Freak", Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner explore "the hidden side of everything," telling stories about cheating schoolteachers and eating champions while teaching us all to think a bit more creatively, rationally, and productively. The Freakonomics Radio podcast, hosted by Dubner, carries on that tradition with weekly episodes. Prepare to be enlightened, engaged, perhaps enraged, and definitely surprised.
Herbal Medicine is People's Medicine: simple, safe, effective. Bring your curiosity and health questions. Susun will enlighten, surprise, and delight you..
92Y Talks
For more than 140 years 92nd Street Y has harnessed the power of arts and ideas to enrich, enlighten and change lives. This podcast features many of the fascinating people and conversations from our stage, both recent as well as treasures from the past.
Dr. Deborah Adamy has conversations with everyday people who inspire, uplift and who are living their lives with vitality and joy. She admires people who can weather adversity and hardship without becoming cynical and bitter; who actually choose to learn, grow and find meaning and purpose in what they have experienced. There are countless ordinary people living pretty extraordinary lives and Deborah wants to shine light on them! Enlighten: Uplift and Inspire includes conversations with a wid ...
Gi is a collection of longtime friends joining forces to discuss gaming & geek culture with raw, uncut, & unbiased opinions. Mix in a bit of our humor and you get the medicine and the candy. Illuminaughty means "the enlighten ones". Therefore our mantra is "we are the enlightened gamers". Youtube Channel -
Matt Heath & Jeremy Wells bring you a breakfast radio show like no other. Guaranteed to teach you bad new habits, raise your eyebrows, and make you smirk on a regular basis, we think you’ll always finish a morning with these three enlightened - in some strange way. News. Entertainment. Sport & Tunes. Your complete New Zealand today!
92Y Talks
For more than 140 years 92nd Street Y has harnessed the power of arts and ideas to enrich, enlighten and change lives. This podcast features many of the fascinating people and conversations from our stage, both recent as well as treasures from the past.
The UNSTOPPABLE with Kerwin Rae podcast is for anyone who wants to push through their limits and live up to their highest potential. I interview top specialists, enlightened gurus and strategic professionals to uncover what it takes to get your business, your performance, your relationships, your health and so much more to the next level, so you can become UNSTOPPABLE.
Project Oncology® presents a wide array of oncology topics designed to educate and enlighten practitioners on late-breaking discoveries, novel treatment options, evolving methods of patient management, and more. This series provides cutting-edge updates on cancer biology, diagnosis, and multidisciplinary management, as well as evidence-based recommendations to achieve optimal patient outcomes.
Wander and be enlightened by the endlessly fascinating inner universe that is the human body. We speak with experts, Nobel laureates, cancer survivors and healthcare workers who share their unique perspectives on wellness and living and the latest medical research.
A christian podcast used to uplift, encourage, and guide women in being what God has created them to be. We share and introduce the purpose of God via discussion, scripture, and entertainment. Every topic, including personal views, does not have limits. We ensure that women of all kind, and men, receive a better understanding and wisdom of the female perspective. Our prayer and mission allow us to share the light and promises of Christ, encourage you, enlighten and guide you to your promised ...
Enlightened Living Radio covers topics related to physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Master life coach and healthy lifestyle expert Suzanne Norman, and her guests, will share inspirational insights and actionable strategies for greater happiness, success, love, health, and fulfillment. Through weekly meditations, philosophical discussions, and self-help practices, Suzanne hopes to provide you with tools, tips, and techniques to help enlighten your mind, and heal your body.
Yesterworld is a place where we'll talk about entertainment subjects of the past, whether it be theme parks, movies, television, video games, or anything in between. The goal is to enlighten, entertain, and provide a mixture of objective/subjective views to create an overall well rounded experience.
The DLF Read & React IDP Podcast brings you intelligent, hard-hitting IDP fantasy football analysis from the best dynasty IDP team in the industry. Hosted by dynasty fantasy football veterans Adam ‘Sticky’ Tzikas and Tom Klingsbury, you'll be enlightened and entertained by this casual yet informative podcast.
Want to get smarter about investing? Then learn from the pros. The Capital Ideas podcast brings you the best thinking from Capital Group, one of the world’s leading investment firms. Prepare to be engaged, enlightened and entertained as host Matt Miller gets to the crux of today’s most compelling investment stories.
Freeing Christianity from nonsense
Aza's Masterclass
Radio designed to enlighten and enthrall... and it delivers!
Firefall Talk Radio is home to the The Porch, an independent nondenominational ministry and the supernatural/paranormal investigative show Reflections In The Dark.Firefall Talk Radio committed to enlighten, encourage & inspire by shining the fire filled Light of Truth on current events, media, music and ministry. Just as the fire fell on Mt. Carmel to show whose god was God and fell in the Upper Room to infill Believers with Divine Power it also dispelled darkness in the wilderness for the c ...
Channeling through information from spirit / source energy to enlighten the new paradigm of consciousness, Especially upon subjects such as soul embodiment, purpose, working with spirit, intuition, manifesting, raising vibration and ascension. With Global Clairvoyant, Channel & Purpose Fulfilment Coach - Jessica Reid.
Gi is a collection of longtime friends joining forces to discuss gaming & geek culture with raw, uncut, & unbiased opinions. Mix in a bit of our humor and you get the medicine and the candy. Illuminaughty means "the enlighten ones". Therefore our mantra is "we are the enlightened gamers". Youtube Channel -
Better U is focused on changing the lives of every listener and guiding them to live a better life. Many people believe that where they are and what they have will never change. The goal of this podcast is to enlighten people to realize that no matter what they are going through, they can find joy in it. This podcast will feature the host, Kolin Hayes, along with many other people who have a proven track record of success. They will give techniques and ideas that listeners can take and imple ...
From neuroscientists and Navy SEALs to cutting-edge researchers, Anti-aging experts, Olympic Athletes and billionaire entrepreneurs, the OPP brings you the best health, fitness, science, and wellness information from the world’s brightest minds, most powerful teachers, and elite performers. Every Monday and Thursday, the OPP brings you actionable information that you can immediately implement into your life to be educated and enlightened so you can get outside the matrix, take control of you ...
The Messianic Torah Observer is a podcast that examines the topics and issues most affecting members of the Hebrew Roots/Messianic Faith Community. The purpose and goal of the program is to inform, enlighten and edify the Body of Messiah on living a holy and righteous Messiah-focused Torah life.
Moonstruck TV
Enlightening Television for today's modern, enlightened television viewer. Our shows are hosted by Earth's top teachers, healers, intuitives, adviser and connected souls. We are proud of our schedule and we hope you like what you see!Our streaming channel is live 24/7 - 365 days a year. Watch & enjoy!
A-Town FM
From the land of Arnold, Missouri where the only skyscraper we need is a water tower, comes an entertainment podcast where two bold Midwesterners record a stream of consciousness touching on everything from movies, comics, to politics. Be enlightened! Website: Twitter: @atownfm Facebook: Tags: atownfm
Ramblings of a Monk - Podcasts on Dharma, Life and Stuffs by Ven Chuan Guan that may make you laugh, cry or get enlightened and be crazy happy! ^.^
God has laid it on my heart to share my over 30 years of Christian preaching, teaching, and ministry with you. By means of spiritual meditations, sermons, Bible teachings, and testimony. My prayer is that God may use this spirit filled podcast to encourage you to enlighten you and increase your faith in Jesus Christ. My story is different and may be shocking to some but it shows how that God can use even someone like me and he can use you to. John Kimbrough Phl 4:19 But my God shall supply a ...
Join host Dr. Liz Holifield for "411 Teen," a locally produced program, created with teen input for a teenage audience. Guests provide insights into topics that concern adolescents. Over the last twenty years, programs have enlightened young people on countless subjects such as college admission, eating disorders, sexually transmitted disease, career planning, civic associations focusing on young people, and politics, to name but a few. 411 Teen airs Sundays at 2:00 pm ET On 88.9 WFSU-FM.
Welcome to HeightsCast, the official podcast of The Heights School! Every other week, we feature interviews with teachers and educators here at The Heights School and elsewhere, on the education and formation of the type of man you’d want your daughter to marry. Our hope is that through this medium we can enlighten, inspire, and reassure the parents and friends of The Heights community, and parents and educators throughout the world. Join us!
Divine Intimacy Radio is a haven of rest and wellspring of spiritual life for those seeking intimacy with God and the enlightened path of Catholic mystical and ascetical wisdom. Weekly we will explore topics like prayer, spiritual direction, meditation, contemplation, holiness, and much more.
Of The Twilight of the Idols, Nietzsche says in Ecce Homo: “If anyone should desire to obtain a rapid sketch of how everything before my time was standing on its head, he should begin reading me in this book. That which is called ‘Idols’ on the title-page is simply the old truth that has been believed in hitherto. In plain English, The Twilight of the Idols means that the old truth is on its last legs.” Certain it is that, for a rapid survey of the whole of Nietzsche’s doctrine, no book, sav ...
After the Fact
Join experts from The Pew Charitable Trusts and other special guests for the story behind the numbers and trends shaping some of society’s biggest challenges. Whether it’s data on the financial plight of American families or research on how to protect the environment, you’ll hear evidence-based—and nonpartisan—conversations as we go after the facts that can inform, enlighten, and expand your worldview.
We're an adventurous, thirty-something, swinger couple living in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Catch a glimpse into our sexy swinger lifestyle, as we share stories from the hot tub and details of our encounters. We show those both in and out of the lifestyle that swinging can be healthy and fun!
Listen to Greg Boyd share his wisdom and insight 3 times per week. Recognized in 2010 as one of the 20 most influential living Christian scholars, Greg's teachings have enlightened people all over the world in their search for God. Get to know Greg and his profound theology through these short, impactful episodes.
Devi Adea interviews successful spiritual entrepreneurs and opens up the conversation of spirituality in business. This show covers everything from practical business tips, tools and best practices of spiritual entrepreneurship to lifestyle design, innovation, love, soul awakening, and spiritual habits for success. You will get to view the world of spiritual entrepreneurship through the eyes and lives of other present-day spiritual entrepreneurs, who share their journeys each week. Hear from ...
After 33 years behind the Newstalk ZB microphone, Leighton can’t give it up completely. There were so many requests to continue his opinionated commentary that the prospect of podcasting was born.So, without restriction, Leighton will continue to serve up on everything you want to hear about and some things you don’t. Stand by to be enlightened, educated and enraged!
A panel-discussion with Frances Swaggart covering current events in the world and the Church alike as heard on the SonLife Radio network. The panel holds no punches when it comes to dealing with the issues affecting the Church, the United States and the globe. You will be enlightened as you hear interviews with other Christian leaders and Governmental leaders alike. This program has dealt with issues such as Islam, Mormonism, the Emerging Church, the Seeker-Sensitive Movment, and the Governm ...
What does Enlightenment mean? Former criminalist, Eldon Taylor, believes that true enlightenment can only come when you learn to take charge of your own thoughts. Can you state that your beliefs truly are your own and not just adopted from ideas that are politically correct and mass approved? According to Eldon Taylor, free thinking is difficult for many reasons, ranging from the psychology of your being to the mass attempts to mold your thinking for the convenience of others! Join Eldon Tay ...
Welcome to Adult Bedtime Stories – Are you ready to experience Nocturnal Emissions. Join us in a Sex-Positive Awakening adventure to help create a sex-positive world. Become part of a movement and start living a sex-positive lifestyle free of sexual shame and guilt. Adult Bedtime Stories is A Raven’s Lair Production. Adult Bedtime Stories is a show dedicated to bringing sacredness back to our sexuality and to learn about everything sexual. Allow the beautiful sexy creature within you to emer ...
A book that won the Newberry Prize in 1921 for an Outstanding Contribution in Children's Literature, The Story of Mankind, by Hendrik van Loon is indeed a classic that has been enjoyed by generations of children and adults. The book is an engagingly written work, dedicated to the author Hendrik van Loon's two young son's Hansje and Willem. It was created to convey the history of the human race to young people in a way that was interesting, memorable and would spur them onto further research ...
Radio Sport's Louis Herman-Watt and Mitch Powell tackle the important issues of the last seven days with a distinctly entitled millennial spin. Every so often joined by a guest to actually enlighten the masses, each week Louis and Mitch are Stoked on something new
Comedian, actress, and sassy Jersey Girl Jaclyn Marfuggi is getting down to the roots of it all with her comedian, entertainment industry, and athletic friends to figure out, "What's Your Jersey?" On her new podcast, Jaclyn reveals how our roots influence our everyday lives and make us funny. She learns about where her guests come from, how it's shaped them [her guests enlighten her with stories from their upbringing]. A sporty spice/girly girl at heart, Jaclyn loves to talk , comedy, sports ...
Wifey Wednesdays
Encourage. Enlighten. Empower.
Join hosts Rivers Langley, Pat Reilly, and Mr. Goodnight on their intrepid aural expedition through the world of oft-forgotten pop culture on "The Goods from the Woods". Featuring personal tales and recollections on the theme from the hosts and their special weekly guests, "The Goods from the Woods" will leave you enlightened. It will leave you enraptured. You will find yourself changed, daddy! Also, you will laugh.
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As empaths, many of us have an enhanced sense of intuition. Join Samantha and Denise as they help you to discern between what your ego wants you to believe and what your intuition wants you to know!By Samantha and Denise.
One of the biggest areas that holds entrepreneurs back is that we’ll do or say something in our business that will make someone not like us. For heart-centered biz owners who come from a place of service and love, it can feel difficult to share a new program or product based on our deepest message. We’re afraid that we’ll be judged all over Ins ...…
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We are a grain of sand, at anchor on a luminous island, adrift in the cosmic sea.By Enlightened Society.
Trials and competitions with our dogs can be really exhilarating and exciting events! But, a great many of us make big mistakes while preparing for the big day! With so much pressure mounting as the trial approaches, we as dog lovers tend to take an ambitious approach to the whole process, but what if that’s putting a strain on the relationship ...…
In this 15 minute guided meditation, we tap into the past thoughts and beliefs that are stored in the body and learn to express gratitude for the messenger of past experience. Grateful that now we can do something different, to move toward a different experience. Allow open acceptance throughout your whole body to bring us into a wholeness agai ...…
Greg offers thoughts on how spanking plants a seed of redemptive violence and offers ideas for resolving differences of opinion between spouses. Episode 507 Send Questions To: Dan: @thatdankentTwitter: @reKnewOrg Facebook: ReKnew Email: Links: Greg's book:"Crucifixion of the Warrior God" Website:…
My guest today is David M. Sinclair. David was a Marine Surveyor for 60 years, an avid sailor, and still, at the ripe old age of 91, is a nature enthusiast! David is my oldest guest and my beloved uncle, the eldest member of my extended family! I admired the playful, prankster loving relationship he and my mother closely shared. Raised as a Qua ...…
In this episode we discuss how to experience spiritual experiences through sex and BDSM.By Ladyboy Gigi and Paul.
Today's theme is: 'What The Media Is Not Talking About!' You can participate by listenigg or calling in at 1-323-679-0851, or go online at: Africa On The Move.
On the podcast today, the guys are chatting about NZ's favourite drug, Arnie quotes and chatting to Spark Sport and TVNZ commentator Scotty J Stevenson...By Radio Hauraki.
This week's episode features our youngest guest yet & Manifesting queen - Mikayla Jai! Mikayla and I talk about how to get into your divine masculine energy, decide what you're manifesting and making clear actions which instruct the universe! We also talk about how traveling has helped us manifest at a bigger level (As well as all the cool thin ...…
This episode is a great one because I share examples of people who have reached "success" at their later stages in life. I want to harp that you are never too old or it's never too late to chase your dreams! Whether you're 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, or even 90, you're never too late! Make sure to follow us on all social media @BetterUShow, ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Hendrik van Loon.
In this installment of TMTO, I outline 10-things you can put into practice today that will drastically improve your understanding of the Bible.By Rod Thomas-The Messianic Torah Observer.
Special Event/Program: African Liberation Day & Palestine Day - Sat., May 18, 2019 Generations of Resistance and Revolts, Rebellions and Revolutions as Illuminated in Cuba, Haiti, Libya, Palestine and Venezuela Smash the Repression-Industrial Complex Worldwide! Remembering & Honoring the Birthdays of Ho Chi Minh and Malcolm X Pan-African & Inte ...…
Are you sick and tired of having your mind filled with strife, and being upset, frustrated, angry, and feeling disillusioned with life? I've got good news for you. You can have peace of mind. There's only one thing you need to do.By Scott E. Rokely.
In this episode, Devi chats with Erica Ormsby about "How Failure Can Set You Up for Success". Erica is the creator of the Soaring Mastermind Membership, a first-of-its-kind monthly subscription that helps people stay committed and equipped to create their dreams by sharing resources, strategies and key support. Her flagship course, Powerful YOU ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Hendrik van Loon.
Episode 232 of the Enlightened Anarchy Podcast: Home of the DoubblePlayz Send in a voice message:
Every year, bishops around the country visit their flocks to offer the sacrament of Confirmation to young people. In this episode, Mr. Jeff Thompson shares how he, as a middle school religion teacher, teaches the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit to his middle school students, making them come alive in the hearts and souls of his boys.…
Self-sacrificial love goes under the microscope as Greg and Dan push and shove to get the last word. Episode 506 Send Questions To: Dan: @thatdankentTwitter: @reKnewOrg Facebook: ReKnew Email: Links: Greg's book:"Crucifixion of the Warrior God" Website:
Show: Asteria VisionHost: AsteriaDate: May 16, 2019Time: Thursdays at 10pm (US Eastern Time)Website: 2019 A1R Psychic Radio & Moonstruck TV - Enlightening Television - All rights reserved.By Moonstruck TV.
Show: Gemma Spirit WorldHost: GemmaDate: May 16, 2019Time: Thursdays at 11:30pm US Eastern TimeWebsite: GemmaSpiritWorld.comCopyright 2019 A1R Psychic Radio & Moonstruck TV - Enlightening Television - All rights reserved.By Moonstruck TV.
Show: Your Time To ShineHost: Julie YeagerWalkerDate: May 16, 2019Time: Thursdays at 10:30pm US Eastern TimeWebsite: WingsOfSoulsWithJulie.comCopyright 2019 A1R Psychic Radio & Moonstruck TV - Enlightening Television - All rights reserved.By Moonstruck TV.
Show: AskRebecca RadioHost: Rebecca RussoDate: May 16, 2019Time: Thursdays at 9pm US Eastern TimeWebsite: AskRebecca.GuruCopyright 2019 A1R Psychic Radio & Moonstruck TV - Enlightening Television - All rights reserved.By Moonstruck TV.
Show: Creating An Inspired LifeHost: Colleen VanderzydenDate: May 16, 2019Time: Thursdays at 8:30pm US Eastern TimeWebsite: PsychicMediumColleen.comCopyright 2019 A1R Psychic Radio & Moonstruck TV - Enlightening Television - All rights reserved.By Moonstruck TV.
Stat: $233,610. The cost of raising a child through age 17 for a middle-class American family, not including a college education. Story: From diapers to day care and beyond, it’s getting more expensive to raise a family in the U.S. And just keeping up with daily costs makes saving for a rainy day or retirement all the harder. We speak with thre ...…
Dr George Lee returns to discuss the latest medical news. Expect deep insights delivered with generous humour. A stroke can affect parts of the brain that control speech and swallowing. As a result, you may struggle with the ability to communicate or face complications like poor nutrition, pneumonia and disability. In conjunction with Better Sp ...…
Topics covered in the show: Is it ok to use something other than the gospels for mental prayer? How do you deal with discouragement? How do you deal with feeling abandoned? Resources: - website - website EWTN Global Catholic Radio Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation EWTN Religious Catalogue ...…
Capital Group portfolio manager Gerald Du Manoir talks about the importance of including international equities in a well-diversified portfolio, despite years of lagging index returns relative to U.S. markets. It’s not about investing in geographic regions, he explains, but specific company-by-company opportunities. Du Manoir is an equity portf ...…
We have returning guest, Jaclyn’s good friend Natasha Pearl Hansen this week! The Standup comedian, actress, writer, and all around creator just got back from here European Comedy Tour and is gearing up to film her Comedy Special next month! The comedians talk: -Epic Wedding Crashing Stories -Planning Trip Tips -How to raise money and become a ...…
In this week’s episode, Mark and Quinn bring you an episode filled to the brim with theme park talk! We introduce a handful of new segments to the podcast we’ll be including in the show from time-to-time.Quinn discusses his latest episode of Yesterworld with Mark, this week covering the history of the beloved Country Bear Jamboree!Why did the C ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Hendrik van Loon.
On the podcast today, we're running the Issue De Jour Guineas, The Friday Panel and Blitz vs Jizza...By Radio Hauraki.
Avengers: Endgame screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely sit down with New York Times culture reporter Dave Itzkoff to discuss their work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The conversation was recorded on May 2, 2019 in front of a live audience at New York's 92nd Street Y.
Avengers: Endgame screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely sit down with New York Times culture reporter Dave Itzkoff to discuss their work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The conversation was recorded on May 2, 2019 in front of a live audience at New York's 92nd Street Y.
Episode 231 of the Enlightened Anarchy Podcast, Home of the DoubblePlayz Send in a voice message:
The presence of the Holy Spirit in the Church creates conflict against the things of the world and the kingdom of darkness. Ignoring the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit has serious ramifications for the Church. Our desire is to find and restore the priesthood of the Believer and the world-shaking influence the Early Church had. By delving ...…
This is the fifth episode in our "Rivers on the Road" series in which Rivers Langley drives all over hell and creation doing stand-up and catching up with old friends along the way. Today, Rivers is in Flair Country (WHOOOOOOO!!!), the Queen City of Charlotte, North Carolina sitting down to chat with two of his favorite people in the whole worl ...…
May is Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month. Joining neurogeneticist Dr Azlina Ahmad Annuar on her monthly Brain Waves segment is Noraini Manan, who is an actuarial science lecturer who lives with this condition.
Show: Love And LightHost: Sarah ManningDate: May 15, 2019Time: Wednesdays at 9:30pm US Eastern Website: SarahSManning.comCopyright 2019 A1R Psychic Radio & Moonstruck TV - Enlightening Television - All rights reserved.By Moonstruck TV.
Show: NYC Celebrity PsychicHost: Peri LyonsDate: May 15, 2019Time: Wednesdays at 9:00pm US Eastern Website: 2019 A1R Psychic Radio & Moonstruck TV - Enlightening Television - All rights reserved.By Moonstruck TV.
Show: The High Frequency ChannelHost: Rebecca UrickDate: May 15, 2019Time: Wednesdays at 8:30pm US Eastern Website: http://TheHighFrequencyChannel.comCopyright 2019 A1R Psychic Radio & Moonstruck TV - Enlightening Television - All rights reserved.By Moonstruck TV.
Show: Australia's Psychic CowgirlHost: Tonia ReevesDate: May 15, 2019Time: Wednesdays at 10:30pm US Eastern TimeWebsite: 2019 A1R Psychic Radio & Moonstruck TV - Enlightening Television - All rights reserved.By Moonstruck TV.
Wow, do we have a podcast for you.This week we have employed the great mind of Chris Rattue to offer his take about where the Warriors this season and in general.A team loved by so many but can never seem to find consistent success, we ask Rats what he thinks it would take to find a winning formula as a New Zealand NRL side.Plus a few takes on ...…
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