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Sermons by Transcend Church Harrisburg
Transcend with Nat
Discovering our higher purpose. Sharing stories and awarenesses along the path of Transcendence. Finding wisdom in uncommon places.
Description: A show that promises to engage listeners in objective conversations and share scriptural truths that transcend one’s emotions, personal opinions, and preferences- as a means to provide practical solutions and answers to real issues that affect real people; by discussing a variety of diverse topics and provide thought provoking answers to questions that we thought we knew the answers to
Soul Keys
Join Kelly T. Smith for a soulful podcast on spirituality/ alternative health that takes you on a journey deep within to unlock the highest version of you. Tune in for topics like law of attraction, meditation, self-help, intuition development, motivation, inspiration, and energy healing. Learn to unleash your hidden potential and access your inner guidance like never before. Transcend your challenges by accessing key wisdom that has been with you all along.
Tracy L Clark
Are you done being afraid to jump into the life that is waiting for you? Are you ready for a real shift? Tune-in every Tuesday to the show and Tracy L will teach you how to TRANSFORM your life so you can learn to live your extraordinary life! Tracy will provide the tools and steps needed to help you transcend perceived limitations and move forward with an extraordinary life by connecting to the God Consciousness. Tracy will help you to see the steps needed to transcend perceived limitations. ...
I am an embodiment of Great Spirit & an Instrument of the Divine
Vitaly Meditation
“The only action that separates humans from monkeys is meditation, it is our greatest opportunity as human beings.”In this podcast we talk about meditation in two ways.#1 as FOCUS, THE ZONE, CONCENTRATION that leads humans to CREATE amazing things in all spheres of life (health, fitness, architecture, transportation, psychology, education, sports, medicine, politics, science, technology, religion, business, etc!)#2 we talk about meditation as the practice of TRANSCENDING our perception of li ...
Prayer is the world's most powerful technology! In just a few short minutes you can completely shift your mood, attitude, and rise up above the difficulties of life. Together we can use prayer to transcend time and space, to be the two or more who are gathered in the name of Love for our healing, inspiration and upliftment. The prayers in this podcast will lift you to Gratitude and to Spirit. Please visit for more daily inspiration, free classes and much more! Jennifer Had ...
Beyond the 3D
Want to feel amazing, be immune to negativity, and take control during any situation? In this podcast, Michael J. Russ, transformational speaker and International bestselling author of "Zero Adversity," shares universal elements you can apply to transcend low self-esteem, fear, frustration, worry, scarcity, and unhappiness, and shape who you are and your experience of life from a position of power. Listen, subscribe, and share. When you change, the world around you changes as well.
The Cosmic Matrix
Bernhard Guenther and Laura Matsue explore various topics relating to spirituality, psychology, esotericism, self-work, embodiment, relationships, the occult and hyperdimensional realties as well as current events in light of the evolution of consciousness and the process of awakening in order to transcend the Matrix.
Everyday Sublime
Yin Yoga and meditation are refinements of awareness. The purpose of this podcast is to illuminate the theory and practice of Yin Yoga, Chinese Medicine, and meditation as three interwoven tools for apprehending the Everyday Sublime. As Stephen Batchelor says, "the mystical does not transcend the world, but saturates it." Hosted by Josh Summers, a practicing acupuncturist and Yin Yoga and meditation teacher. He is the founder of the Summers School of Yin Yoga:
On The Soul Collective, host Emily Ghosh Harris explores the intersection between mind, body, soul and business and provides actionable tools to help transcend self-imposed limiting beliefs, deconstruct the American Dream, and achieve your highest version of soul activation in business and in life.
Metron Live
Not Real Radio
NRR: Available on Podcast apps, Youtube & Soundcloud.Live Feed, and more available at: by: Mayday, Ali, & Czar
Poul Mark, founder of Transcend Coffee in Edmonton Alberta Canada discusses all things coffee: brewing tips, tours of coffee farms, coffee equipment, tastings, and issues in the world of coffee.
Bridge to Being
Welcome to the intersection of creativity and spirituality, a pilgrimage through time and space with Lobsterbird. Here, entrepreneurship is a holistic spiritual path, where travel, art, energy, and healing weave together, creating a space for presence, inspiration, and transcendence – a Bridge to Being. Welcome to the state that exists between worlds. Cultural anthropologist Victor Turner calls it liminality, where one thing is in a state of transitioning: “Liminal entities are neither here ...
Inspired Evolution, founded and hosted by Amrit Sandhu, is a movement driven to support you on ‘How to live the life you love!’ The Inspired Evolution is bringing new and inspired ways of being, living and thinking to the masses through meditation and education. The podcast episodes deliver wisdom, awareness and practical tools to empower individuals in their journey of transformation. Aiming to unlock your potential and increase your sense of community through finding your purpose! This pra ...
Flarup: Transcendence
Ogni giorno+
Transcending Lending
Ogni mese
Coming to you from sunny Denver, Colorado; get ready for your weekly dose of unscripted conversation all about the housing industry in the Centennial State. Although their specialty is in mortgages, in this show they are transcending lending. And now your hosts, the most unconventional guys in conventional lending, the mortgage-in-laws!
That Made Me Trans
The transgender themes and stories analysis podcast, brought to you by Tracy Campbell (she/her) and Alexis Sergio (she/her), partners in more ways than one.
Illumination Through the Western Mysteries™
Ever wondered what's holding you back? Sure, you keep hearing that we live in an unprecedented golden age of opportunity and potential and part of you knows that to be true. Yet at the same time, you may not feel it in your gut because you are still caught up in your own struggles of simply dealing with reality - too busy to work on your dreams. You know deep down that all that's holding you back is your limiting beliefs and bad habits - so how exactly do you transcend them, how do you grow ...
Join Michaela for Music and New Age Musings Sharing insight, about transcedental topics. Featuring Great Music from great artists, as well as her own Songs.
Women Transcend
Women Transcend investigates issues facing women and girls worldwide, and highlights how incredible women and girls are overcoming them every day in amazing ways.
How do we change our hearts and minds? What moves us to shift our political worldviews, transcend extremism, and bring our values into the workplace? Reckonings is an exploration of how we look in the mirror, and grow from what we see. ​Guests have included a deeply conservative Congressman who made a dramatic shift on climate change, a white supremacist who managed to transcend a life of hate, and a national reporter whose crisis of conscience led to a new understanding of objectivity. If y ...
A Christian Apologetical Podcast from the Presuppositional Minds of Dave and Ray Ray
Ogni mese
These are true stories of our Israeli lives and the way we lead them, with their moments of weird abasements, moments of grace, and moments of transcendence.
My content is mainly about Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Financial Balance; how to be a modern day lifestyle alchemist and use all available tools, remedies, information, cultural and traditional wisdom, and resources to transform and change one's state, condition, problems and more importantly how to detox, purify and transcend them. Subscribe to the page. You can easily support by simply sharing the posts and links, liking and favoriting the audio, leaving comments; donating via PayPal, ...
Transcending Theology with Jeremy Butrous is a spiritually minded teaching podcast. Join the conversation that is birthing a movement. This biblically based podcast explores the deeper things of God beyond the milk of the word. Jeremy Butrous is a theological reformer. He has authored and ghost-authored several books including Unveiling Revelation, Transcending Mindsets, and Praying Through the Seven Mountains. Jeremy lives in Los Angeles with his dog Pepper.
Join Rob Crews for a unique audio experience as he Transcends Sport with some of the most intriguing personalities in the world.
The Chicago Council on Global Affairs is an independent, nonpartisan organization that provides insight – and influences the public discourse – on critical global issues. We convene leading global voices and conduct independent research to bring clarity and offer solutions to challenges and opportunities across the globe. Ranked the #1 Think Tank to Watch worldwide, the Council on Global Affairs is committed to engaging the public and raising global awareness of issues that transcend borders ...
The STRONG Life Insider Is a power packed podcast with tips on how you can dominate in the gym and in life! TRUE STRENGTH Always Transcends the gym walls.
We spend a lot of time consuming "entertainment" in all of its forms. But whether it's movies, television, video games, music, sports, or even literature, these things do more than just offer an escape from our world for the sake of pleasure. When done right, they offer a window into a deeper experience of our own world and a connection to a transcendent world in our midst.
The Michael Steele Podcast is a podcast hosted by former Republican National Committee Chairman and Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele. Each week, Michael moderates a barbershop style discussion about the key political and cultural issues of the day. Michael brings his experience as an MSNBC political analyst and from a lifetime in politics to a podcast which transcends traditional political boundaries in order to dig deep and find real solutions.
This show is for survivors, by survivors. Each week I'm joined by an inspiring individual who has overcome a traumatic childhood to go on to not only survive, but thrive. Sharing their story to help inspire you to overcome the lasting effects of your childhood trauma. You will find that you are not alone in what you are going through, and that no matter how difficult things are now, there is always hope that you can transcend your past and live the life you were meant to live.
Living Myth
Mosaic presents Living Myth, a podcast with Michael Meade, renowned mythologist and storyteller. Meade presents mythic stories that offer uniquely insightful and wise ways of understanding the current dilemmas of the world we live in. Living Myth proposes that genuine solutions to the complex and intractable problems of our world require both transcendent imagination and cohering, transformative narratives.
These 365 Meditations are designed to do in order, focusing on NO more then one a day for a year. They go in correspondence to each lesson of 'A Course in Miracles'. - - - Please wear headphones or loud surround-sound stereo - - - - - - These are a small part of a much more intensive course designed to bring about Multi-Dimensional Experiences and the Transcendence to them. Ascend this time, with a teacher who has. - - - Enroll today @ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ...
These are true stories of our Israeli lives and the way we lead them, with their moments of weird abasements, moments of grace, and moments of transcendence.
In The Mind
Welcome to In The Mind podcast, where our thoughts transcends into the airwaves. Support this podcast:
Brought to you by a partnership that transcends the 49th parallel. Join Adam Thomas and Josh Farkas in the podcast that accompanies The Internet Book of Critical Care. The IBCC podcast will explore key points in each chapter. Initially the release of podcasts may lag a bit behind the chapters for logistic reasons. However, our goal is to eventually have a podcast for each chapter. Subsequently, the podcast will discuss updates to the IBCC based on new evidence.
Searching For It
Our search for 'it' will explore the most insightful thoughts from philosophy, literature, and elsewhere that provide a meaning or purpose to our lives. Each episode will uncover a new idea or way of life that brings us closer to transcendence. You don't need to have a degree in philosophy to listen to this podcast - just an open mind and a desire to learn more about the meaning behind human existence.
Vedanta and Yoga
Lectures and classes on Vedanta and Yoga given at the Ramakrishna Vedanta Society in Boston, USA, by Swami Tyagananda, who is a monk of the Ramakrishna Order.Vedanta means the essence of the Vedas (veda+anta). Although popularly identified with the basic scripture of the Hindus, Vedas are really neither “books” nor essentially “Hindu.” By Vedas is meant the accumulated treasury of spiritual laws discovered by enlightened beings. Vedanta stands for spiritual wisdom that transcends borders def ...
Penny Magic
Listen for fictionalized short stories that bring magic into your everyday life. We tell stories of things truthful yet unreal, transcendent yet simple...stories of broken bones and growing up, of sticky candy and new worlds, flash floods and mermaids, lost coins and the first step of a journey.
Everyone has a family. And every family has a story. This Is Sojourn Network chronicles the journey of a family of pastors and churches through the years and across the country. These conversations are grounded in real relationships and demonstrate how the collaboration we share with each other in the gospel can transcend culture, distance, and even death. This is our family. We invite you in. It’s little, and broken, and beautiful. This is Sojourn Network.
VISIONARY SOULS showcases the leading edge of visionary entrepreneurs, conscious creators and heart-centered leaders sharing their most intimate, authentic journeys of transformation, transcendence and manifestation. Welcome to the space of infinite possibility, ripe with constant invitations to re-imagine the world as we've always dreamed of experiencing it, in its fullest expression of truly infinite possibility. Heaven on Earth, at last. Listen in to connect with your global visionary tri ...
A supreme life is about balance. Balance is making time for priorities to help you work towards a purpose. Like gardening, building a life of balance and purpose takes time and patience as well as hard work. Often we lean too far one way towards a priority such as advancing our career, and everything else falls out of balance. Our health worsens, relationships suffer, personal goals go unmet, and our basic needs get put on the back burner. We all have been there at one time or another, and w ...
This show is for survivors, by survivors. Each week I'm joined by an inspiring individual who has overcome a traumatic childhood to go on to not only survive, but thrive. Sharing their story to help inspire you to overcome the lasting effects of your childhood trauma. You will find that you are not alone in what you are going through, and that no matter how difficult things are now, there is always hope that you can transcend your past and live the life you were meant to live.
The Gathering is a new church in Harlem that's a church for the unchurched, committed to saving souls and bodies, and to transcending the barriers of race, class, and gender with the love of Jesus. We hope that you're inspired by what God is doing in Harlem and get connected with our church.
Holy Cannoli
This is Holy Cannoli. This podcast is all about MAKING SENSE OF life, who we are and why we’re here. Life is Sacred and life is strange. We can experience The Divine, HOLY, transcendent in the most random ways, random locations and through the most random people. This podcast is about you, it's about me, it's about film and TV, it's our world. It’s about God. It's about finding the sacred in the strange. Subscribe and settle in for a listen every Monday Hosted by Bay Area husband and wife To ...
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show series
In this episode, Nat discusses the keys to making what you create in your life fulfilling and of the greatest value to you, so that you are using the tools he's presented for manifestation correctly and in line with your higher purpose. He also shares an excerpt from John-Roger's seminar What Are We Doing to Ourselves (avail. at…
In this episode we cover that rare but fun element to your cyanosed patient Ddx. When your hemoglobin gets oxidized to Fe3+, badness can ensure. Enjoy this quick refresher.
Prayer for Living a Miraculous Life from JenniferHadleycom for her Daily Spiritual Espresso published on October 15 2019 which you can access here httpsjenniferhadleycom201910miraculouslifeBy Jennifer Hadley.
Transcendental Journeys Podcast: 30 minutes excerpt from the audiobook by Omananda. This portion is called “Solutions for Humanity” (Part 01) The post Solutions for Humanity appeared first on Transcendental Journeys.By Omananda.
Prayer for Receiving Our Blessings from JenniferHadleycom for her Daily Spiritual Espresso published on October 14 2019 which you can access here httpsjenniferhadleycom201910blessedalwaysBy Jennifer Hadley.
I am delighted to be speaking with Kevin Bennison. Kevin is an entrepreneur, a lifting operations training provider, an award-winning public speaker, a multiple times Tae Kwon Do world champion, and a professional coach and trainer. We talk about personal development, leadership, the emotional challenges of starting a business, and Kevin’s rece ...…
Our guest for this week is Gautam Khetrapal, an entrepreneur, trainer, transformational speaker and founder of “Life Plugin”. About Gautam A little over 10 years ago, Gautam was going through a moment of personal crisis. He was convinced his best years were behind him even though he was just a young engineering student, barely getting started. ...…
What does it mean to be embodied? Bernhard Guenther talks to Philip Shepherd, author of New Self New World and Radical Wholeness. Philip talks about his experiences and teachings around embodiment, how our modern world reflects the disembodied state of humanity, and much more.By Bernhard Guenther & Laura Matsue.
Prayer for Expanding Awareness Through Joy from JenniferHadleycom for her Daily Spiritual Espresso published on October 13 2019 which you can access here httpsjenniferhadleycom201910myownworstenemyBy Jennifer Hadley.
Prayer for Liberation from Limiting Thoughts from JenniferHadleycom for her Daily Spiritual Espresso published on October 12 2019 which you can access here httpsjenniferhadleycom201910liberationfromlimitingthoughtsBy Jennifer Hadley.
America is exhausted with Trump's lawbreaking - Michael and Bill Weld break down what needs to happen to bring our long national nightmare to an end. William Weld served two terms as Republican Governor of Massachusetts, ran for Vice President as a Libertarian in 2016, and is running for President as a Republican in 2020.…
Prayer for Living My Life Purpose from JenniferHadleycom for her Daily Spiritual Espresso published on October 11 2019 which you can access here httpsjenniferhadleycom201910lifepurpose3By Jennifer Hadley.
Here's an excerpt from the awesome book, The Development of Muscular Bulk & Power. This book is ALL about The STRONG Life and this excerpt is going to FIRE YOU UP! Enjoy and please share with a friend!
In this episode, we cover one check box on your bilateral airspace opacification differential diagnosis. Come take a listen for Diffuse alveolar hemorrhage and pulmonary vasculitis in the ICU. -Imaging findings -Bronch? -What labs to order (you can't just write "vasculitis work up")
Prayer for Strengthening My Commitment from JenniferHadleycom for her Daily Spiritual Espresso published on October 10 2019 which you can access here httpsjenniferhadleycom201910feelingsarehelpful2By Jennifer Hadley.
Heraclitus said, “It is while we are trying to change that we find purpose.” Meade Meade suggests that because we live in a time of change, if we can allow ourselves to participate in the change, then we can find meaningful purpose that awakens the heart and leads us in the right direction in the world. The idea of a threshold is something that ...…
Bishop Jim’s insightful messages help others find THEIR METRON through M~otivation E~nlightenment T~ranscendence R~enewal O~utreach and N~etworking 10-6-19 – THINK ON THESE THINGS: Consciousness, Meditation, and Words of Life, Part I Today’s Notes: Freestyle, enjoy!By Jim Swilley.
Swig and Pudge discuss and define false prophets and false teachers, while pondering if its necessary to even expose them.By Kross Talk.
2 Tips for Dominating in the Gym AND in Life - Get your FREE Strength Training Courses
Lecture by Swami Tyagananda on the 9th of October, 2019, at the Ramakrishna Vedanta Society of Boston, MA. For more material, see the iTunes store.By Ramakrishna Vedanta Society, Boston.
David Krantz is a certified Epigenetic Coach who specializes in boosting cognitive function and helping clients harness their creative and personal power. As a lifelong musician, David sees the various systems of the body as parts of a complex symphony. And, as a coach, he excels at fine-tuning those parts to create resonant harmonious health. ...…
Prayer for Growing Through Joy from JenniferHadleycom for her Daily Spiritual Espresso published on October 9 2019 which you can access here httpsjenniferhadleycom201910growingthroughjoyBy Jennifer Hadley.
We know you all have been waiting for it! Here is one of the foundational chapters for the IBCC. All things asthma. We've got everything from physiology, to bleeding edge sedation approaches. Come take a (longer) listen to solidify everything you read in the post: -Presentation / patient phenotypes -Initial management -Escalation to salvage tre ...…
Make no mistake, negative feelings are toxic and incongruent with happiness, your true essence and your birthright. In this episode, Michael explores what it takes to let go of seemingly adverse events and the negative feelings they generate, and suggests 3 ways to do it.By Michael J Russ.
So much of the GOP refuses to recognize the danger of Donald Trump. Michael and Republican presidential candidate Mark Sanford discuss why. Plus, what's the biggest issue voters should focus on aside from the Tweeter-In-Chief? Mark Sanford has twice represented the First District of South Carolina in the U.S. Congress and served as the 115th Go ...…
“When Hop was little, her Uncle Crumble would play the lute and sing a lot of nonsense about the ocean.” Written by Matt Mills and narrated by Natalie Mills. Read these stories on, and sign up for our newsletter to read our Secret Stories and stay updated about future projects. You can also follow us on Instagram or Twitter to rea ...…
Let's continue our conversation around the belief systems and money. When you are ready to think outside the box you can start to realize the relationship with money can change! It is in this new awareness you can shift your ideas around money. You can learn about money and you can learn how to create more of it! Money is energy and you only ne ...…
There is hardly a more visible escape from reality than video games. People play them for hours at a time without even moving, completely oblivious to their surroundings. And yet, they can actually be an extremely helpful medium for social interaction, spacial reasoning, creativity, and problem solving.…
Prayer of Quitting the Habit of Complaining from JenniferHadleycom for her Daily Spiritual Espresso published on October 8 2019 which you can access here httpsjenniferhadleycom201910complainingisahabitwecanquitBy Jennifer Hadley.
Dave and Ray Ray sat down to discuss Michigan Grand Lodge Documents, Ray Ray's opening statement, and a couple of points from Brandon's opening statement.
In the first part of my interview with Dr. Timothy McCall, we talk about what it was like for him to receive his cancer diagnosis and how he thought about approaching his treatment, bringing together the very best of Eastern and Western medical modalities. Listen to Episode 63 here or subscribe in your favorite podcast app. Links from the Episo ...…
Are you aware of the innate power you possess? Do you feel there is something holding you back from living your destiny? Are you feeling ready to transform your life, unlock your true potential, and catapult yourself into living the life you were born to live? If so, you will love this episode with charismatic visionary and transformational tea ...…
Prayer for Eliminating Negative Patterns from JenniferHadleycom for her Daily Spiritual Espresso published on October 7 2019 which you can access here httpsjenniferhadleycom201910selfdefenseisattackBy Jennifer Hadley.
This episode brings the second instalment of the 2-part series on altruism. After having looked into why we should be so concerned about doing good in the last episode, today we'll be trying to figure out how we can do good the most effectively. We'll be looking at a group of people called Effective Altruists who have spent a lot of time thinki ...…
Our new addition to the show joins us...∙ Spoiler-free review of Joker Movie.∙ Review of In the Tall Grass∙ Uncomfortable Questions Speed Round results∙ The end of Preacher∙ Does anyone watch Westworld?∙ Zion Williamson & the rookies sing?∙ Entertainment news & what's coming this weekNot Real Radio:Listen Live Sunday Nights from 8:00 - 10:00pmT ...…
Today we are revisiting one of our favourite topics, mastermind groups, which we talked about before in episode 12. Aristotle said "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts", and a mastermind group is a clear proof of this principle. The mastermind is capable to absorb inspired thoughts and power directly through the universal “infinite i ...…
Prayer for Undoing the Consequences of Wrong Decisions from JenniferHadleycom for her Daily Spiritual Espresso published on October 6 2019 which you can access here httpsjenniferhadleycom201910nevertoolate2By Jennifer Hadley.
Prayer for Finding Abundance Within from JenniferHadleycom for her Daily Spiritual Espresso published on October 5 2019 which you can access here httpsjenniferhadleycom201910shiftingintoabundanceBy Jennifer Hadley.
Forgiveness is NOT a weapon. Tony's college friend Jelani Greenidge talks about his article on the now viral hug + forgiveness of Brandt Jean + Amber Guyger. Connect with Jelani here: IG: Listen to his music here: ...…
Prayer for Letting the Spirit Help from JenniferHadleycom for her Daily Spiritual Espresso published on October 4 2019 which you can access here httpsjenniferhadleycom201910irsgratitudeBy Jennifer Hadley.
Michael continues his charmed existence as Alyssa Milano joins the podcast to discuss bipartisanship, reality TV news, and why Democrats and Republicans don't get together for dinner and drinks any more. Alyssa Milano is an actress, producer, author, and humanitarian. She’s known for her roles in Who's the Boss?, Melrose Place, Charmed, Mistres ...…
Prayer for Clearing the Fear from JenniferHadleycom for her Daily Spiritual Espresso published on October 3 2019 which you can access here httpsjenniferhadleycom201910clearthefearBy Jennifer Hadley.
In this episode, Michael Meade answers the question, “Why do you turn to myth in times of loss or disorientation in life?” Meade begins by describing his search for answers when a community became broken apart because their at-risk young people were dying tragically. The search for answers leads to the ancient myth of Gilgamesh who desperately ...…
Lecture by Swami Tyagananda on the 2nd of October, 2019, at the Ramakrishna Vedanta Society of Boston, MA. For more material, see the iTunes store.By Ramakrishna Vedanta Society, Boston.
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