Following Attention, Not Platforms


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Hey Podcast Listeners, on this is part 2 of a series of interviews taken in Armenia with some publications. You get a speed round of questions that cover a variety of topics so there's something in here for everyone. Tweet me with what response was interesting to you and what you may have agree or disagree with!

Topics From Today’s Episode:

:30 | Audio Consumption is Exploding

2:30 | Why big companies lose to little companies

3:15 | How do business adjust to technology and communication shifts

5:15 | What tips would you give to business today?

7:00 | Facebook >> Instagram >> TikTok

8:05 | What excites me about eSports

8:45 | Hard work, patience, offer value - rinse and repeat

11:15 | Contextual creative at scale

15:00 | People make decisions with their heart or wallet

15:40 | My most successful campaign

17:30 | The role of traditional media

19:50 | My thoughts on the downside of social media

22:40 | 1 piece of advice to business owners

23:30 | My take on Virtual Assistants

25:30 | My take on Trust & Privacy

26:30 | My take on Data Breaches

27:30 | Voice assistance

29:00 | A moment in time

31:00 | Success of podcasting

34:00 | A peak into the future

37:00 | 1 piece of advice on patience and communication

37:55 | Favorite wine

39:15 | How to attract IT giants to Armenia vs home grown talent

40:00 | My take on Armenian talent and business

40:30 | Values and brand

41:30 | What’s next for social media

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