Ep. 2.m5 // Collateral Damage // Part 5


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With Jasska’s help, Marrk and Tony ready themselves for one last ditch effort to retrieve the Captain while contending with an inbound Pirate fighter. Meanwhile aboard the Wishbone, Helount struggles to come to terms with his actions and the path he has chosen while under the influence of something unknown to him...

CreditsWritten and Produced by Michael Curtis and Tim Ramaekers.Mixed and Edited by Michael Curtis

MusicInner Fate by Cody MartinLurker by HillBoth via www.Soundstripe.com

CastJasska is Serina StilwellKaya 1 is Lance WaldingerHelount is Tim RamaekersThe Captain and Marrk are Jack TyradesTony is Michael Curtis

20 episodes