Ep 184 ft. Raquelle Mantra: Spirituality, Friendship, Overcoming Trauma, & Making This Earth Our Heaven w/ the host of Your Own Magic


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Raquelle Mantra is the host of the hit podcast Your Own Magic and is a dear friend of Jordan’s (in fact… she was basically on Jordan and Jonathan’s honeymoon!). She is a poet with a fabulous presence on Instagram at @raquellemantra. The two girls have a super vulnerable conversation about spirituality, Raquelle’s upbringing, her history with food and orthorexia (although we both have a lot of further thoughts on this), her nomadic lifestyle, finding the courage to start a podcast, and the wild story of how Raquelle was kidnapped as a kid — TWICE! She’s an angelic, strong, radiant, artistic being that you are going to love if you don’t already know her.

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