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The Bald Avenger Podcast is about using comedy as a platform for making a difference in the world, challenging those that would divide us with hate and fear, and giving a voice to the misfits out there who deserve to be heard. As The Bald Avenger himself says, "Humor is the elixir for a darkened spirit. A life seeking a smile is a life well spent." - Jason Sisneros Listen in as we cover the topics of business, philanthropy and charity, vitality, and politics from all sides and views. This isn't about alienating and separating, but rather, it's about bringing together people of different views to have an open dialogue, to laugh at themselves, and to come away still friends having learned more from each other. Differing views wanted. Open minds needed. Bullshit not tolerated. Assholes made fun of relentlessly. On the topic of business, learn from the best and brightest who own and run their own businesses.

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