Paradise Finale: Stagecoach Class of 2019


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Kay and Derek are joined by Bachelor expert Brett Vergara to talk about Week 7 of Bachelor in Paradise. They start the show with a Review for the Right Reasons and some Bachelor tea. At 18:30 they discuss part one of this week's episode, including all the engagements, break-ups, and what went down between Nicole and Clay. At 35:10 they dive into the cast reunion, starting with some behind-the-scenes details from Derek about what you didn’t get to see. They discuss every visit to the hot seat and break down Kristian’s touching proposal to Demi. Next, they react to Pilot Pete getting named the next Bachelor and tell us what it was like in the studio when the selection was announced. At 1:15:40 they share their salty, sweet and cheesy moments of the week and tell us their Cringe Harrison Award winner. Finally, they finish the show with an exciting announcement about what’s to come on The Betchelor Podcast and how you can get involved. Thanks to our sponsors! SkinnyPop Popcorn: You can find SkinnyPop at retailers nationwide, or go to!

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