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Welcome to The Chemical Show, a podcast focused on the business of chemicals. Featuring interviews with industry executives, you’ll hear about the key trends impacting chemicals and plastics today: growth, sustainability, innovation, transformation, digitalization, global supply chains, strategic marketing, and much more.

Hosted by Victoria Meyer, The Chemical Show brings you the latest insights into the industry. You will hear from leading industry executives as they discuss their companies, business, markets, and leadership. You’ll learn how chemical and plastics companies are making an impact, responding to the changing business environment, and discussing best practices and approaches you can apply in your business.

Victoria Meyer is the President and Founder of Progressio Global, a boutique consultancy that helps chemical companies accelerate business results by closing the strategy-to-execution gap. Working at the intersection of strategy, marketing, and execution, Victoria helps business leaders grow and optimize their business performance, align their organization, and achieve their strategic objectives. With 25 years of leadership in chemicals, Victoria is a B2B marketing and strategy expert who applies a holistic yet focused approach to your business goals and helps chemical executives and their teams achieve targeted results through boutique consulting packages and executive coaching.

Better Living Through Chemistry.

The Chemical Show highlights the positive impact of chemicals and plastics in our everyday lives, the innovations and transformations taking place in the chemical and plastics industry as companies grow and evolve to meet 21st century needs, and the challenges and opportunities the industry faces.

Podcast guests include global senior leaders at private and public companies, heads of industry groups, and industry experts in plastics, chemicals, and supporting industries.

Listen in as our host, Victoria Meyer, and industry executives discuss business, leadership, and more.

The business of Chemistry is a $565-billion enterprise for the United States and triple that number globally. The chemical industry supports over 500,000 jobs in the United States. It is estimated that more than 96% of all manufactured goods are touched by the business of chemistry.

Accelerate your business results, gain industry insights, and achieve greater growth in new and existing markets. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn the latest strategies and insights to help your company flourish, transform, and accelerate your goal achievement by tuning in to The Chemical Show.

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