#24 The Chirp With Daren Millard ft Ryan Crelin


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On the 25th episode of The Chirp with Daren Millard we bring on the commissioner of the ECHL Ryan Crelin. Daren and Ryan get into the ECHL as a whole and the way it’s perceived, marketing, SpongeBob, team names, his competition and commissioners being booed. Ryan dishes on the fun parts of his job and the parts that he doesn’t enjoy. Ryan takes pride in being a progressive league. Ryan had a lot of hockey eyes on the ECHL this year when he executed a radical idea for a 3 on 3 running clock the All-Star game with a skills competition built in. Ryan explains how that idea came about and how they put it into action. Ryan discusses his future in the business, consulting with other commissioners, balancing the present and the future and some new ideas he’s going to attempt to table to keep the ECHL progressive and trendsetting. Stay tuned!

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