#9 - Limiting Beliefs & Personal Breakthrough w/ Grace Cater


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I am so excited to share this episode with you all!

Grace Cater is a transformation and life coach, and certified practitioner of NLP and timeline therapy. Grace helps women regain clarity, step into the driver's seat, and create a life of their own design. And in this episode I chat with her all about what NLP is, limiting beliefs, hard work and personal breakthroughs.

In this episode:

- Grace's journey to becoming a coach

- NLP: What is it? Why is it such an incredible tool? And Grace's own personal experiences with it.

- Mindset and limiting beliefs

- What we can do to help shift limiting beliefs.

- Grace's r number one tip right now to someone working through deep transformation and change in their life.

- Hard work and persistence, the hustle, the daily grind and so on and so forth. We dive into Grace's thoughts around hard work?

- Her personal coaching and why it can be so transformational.

- The creative process and learning to love the journey.

Episode Resources:

Grace's Website

Grace's Instagram

Tickets For Health and Mindset Workshop

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