Fascist And Furious


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Trump just won't stop admitting to crimes. Dave Levinthal LIVE on the FEC essentially being shut down because there isn't anyone to run it. Jason Stanley LIVE on his new book 'How Fascism Works' and why Trump's increasing authoritarian tendencies should worry us all. Ryan Grim LIVE on Tucker Carlson saying that Bernie's campaign is 'over' because of his health, and what might be missing from the Ukraine 'transcript.' Meanwhile in...Deep Space, scientists believe Planet 9 might be a tiny black hole. Meanwhile in...Japan, 1/3rd of women with mental illnesses cited workplace harassment. Meanwhile in...Saudi Arabia, a petition is sent out for the ICC to investigate MBS for Jamal Khashoggi's murder and other crimes against humanity.

Guests: Dave Levinthal, Jason Stanley, and Ryan Grim

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