Episode 11: This Too Shall Pass


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This podcast is about how to get your “mindset right” during this global crisis of the Coronavirus:

  • How to stay safe, healthy and sane during this time.
  • What we've learned living in Italy during this quarantine that can help you.
  • How to prepare for what could quickly become a global recession.
  • Why what we're about to go through economically is unlike anything we have ever experienced.
  • Why it’s going to require a plan for you and your family to stay healthy, sane and financially protected.
  • And why I think you should start to take action now – and how!

I share exactly what I am doing here in Florence with my family to stay both sane and to, candidly, feel better emotionally through this – and get stronger!

You are stronger than you think!

Together we can get this through this.


Join us...

As David Bach, 10X New York Times bestselling author and America's favorite financial expert, talks about his unique experience living in Italy during the Cornavirus quarantine.

While these are scary times, David's goal with this podcast is to give you clarity, confidence and an action plan to help you be safer and better prepared for what is coming.

Live Rich Now!

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