Making an Impact - ‘Mila’ Creator Cinzia Angelini and Producer Andrea Emmes (Part 1) :: DIYA #18


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We’re here with Writer, Director, and Creator Cinzia Angelini and Producer Andrea Emmes to discuss 'Mila', an incredible 3D short film raising awareness about children impacted by war. Cinzia has a personal connection with this short film - Mila is based on her mother’s own childhood experience of bombing raids in her hometown during World War II. With Andrea Emmes on board as Mila's producer, these two have become an unstoppable team that has grown to a world-wide production. A 350-volunteer, 35-country spanning, high-quality CG short film, Mila has thrived since 2011 with no studio backing and just a modest funding campaign to cover the film’s bare essentials. A community of volunteers, a few sponsors, many hours, and a whole lot of love made Mila possible. Today in Part 1, Cinzia and Andrea tell us about: - The story of Mila’s real-life origins - Running a professional studio on volunteers, donations, and an Indiegogo campaign - Managing a GIANT team spread across the whole planet - The best places to spend what money you do have once you've raised it - And how to create a healthy working environment for your volunteers through paying it forward This episode is an indie production from your hosts, Jessica Doll & Lauren Morse. Our theme music is provided by Azureflux.

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