The Doodler


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The Golden State Killer. The Unabomber. Ted Bundy. Serial killers you’ll be familiar with. But between 1974 and 1975, there was another ruthless serial killer at large, terrorizing San Francisco’s LGBTQ+ community. He was coined “The Doodler” and may have killed as many people as the Zodiac Killer. And yet you’ve likely never heard of The Doodler. While a social movement roared to life in the city, The Doodler haunted its queer nightlife scene. Plagued by a flawed investigation, a frightened public, and hesitation from victims’ friends and associates, who feared involvement would out them to family and employers, the investigation went cold. And so the killer walked away free. But The Doodler, a podcast coming 2021, seeks to change that. Have a tip? Email us at, or give us a call at +1(415) 570-9299.

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