Butt Lifts, London, Boxing, 21 Gun Salute, and James Caan on Episode 07, Season 03 of Dr. Jeffrey Roth’s Looking Good Feeling Great Podcast


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Hi Again and welcome back for episode 07 of our new season 3.

Haven’t you always wished to gain a greater understanding of the mysterious and complicated field of plastic procedures? Finally, now you can. Get connected and learn! Tune in and bookmark the “Dr. Jeffrey Roth's Looking Good Feeling Great Podcast” with his co-host, Darrell Craig Harris.

For a start, you will be in no doubt about the love, passion, dedication, and empathy that Dr. Roth has for his patients and community. Plus, he always seems to add in a wonderful witty comment when you least expect it!

(PS: for Dr. Jeffrey Roth’s background, Bio, and reason for doing this show check out episode 01 of Season 1)

Here’s a taster for our new episode 07 - season 3.

In this new episode 07, firstly a Big Shout Out to all of you around the world for continuing to listen in. That interest and support has helped our podcast achieve this recent milestone of 100K + downloads. PS: Now just hitting @ 150+K :)

What a crazy time its been recently! This included an overseas trip to attended the Top Rank heavy weight Fury/Whyte boxing fight attended by 96K fans at Wembley Stadium in London, UK. - Dr Roth is well-known as the fight doctor for Top Rank and his co-host Darrell Craig Harris attended the event in his capacity as a professional boxing photographer. Three full days of sunshine and it happened to be the UK Queens Queen. So...on visiting the Tower of London, it including a hearing a 21 gun salute...not everyday this happens! Dr Roth is an overseas member of the UK Royal Society of Medicine in Mayfair, London...and was a guest visitor.

Back in Las Vegas Dr Roth and Darrell shared memories of the life of the actor James Caan who recently passed-away. He was a well-known and beloved actor who spent a lot of time both in Las Vegas and starred in the role as Ed Deline on the popular 5-season TV drama 'Las Vegas' and therefore was very much connected to Las Vegas.

Dr Roth goes onto talk about the famous BBL - The Brazilian Butt Lift, the recent associated deaths in Miami and what is the right way to conduct this surgery, going into some detail, coupled to the utmost importance of both pre and post-operative care to achieve looking good, feeling great - this counts for all plastic surgery procedures.

BTW - Dr Roth has a new updated website - so check it out - the website link is below. Don't forget to contact Dr Roth and his team if you have any questions that you'd like discussed on upcoming podcast episodes.

This is just for starters, listen in and hear a lot more fascinating information, we hope you enjoy this fun/fact-filled episode.

So...remember that Dr. Roth is always keeping up to date with the latest procedures that are developed so that he and his care team can offer you the best they have on offer. PS: Don't forget if you have related questions or would like to hear about related plastic procedure topics. Please CONTACT our co-host Darrell Craig Harris, and he will endeavor to ask your plastic procedure-related question to Dr. Roth on air.

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Wow, and there's a lot more to hear... As this episode and future episodes progress you'll find YOU become more aware and gain a deeper appreciation of the complex world of plastic procedures - essentially a mix of the human body and mind engineering, coupled with great artistry and foresight. Plus, let's not forget ALL the special and helpful products and procedures. This is an industry that truly focuses on helping YOU Look Good and Feel Great...

Download and listen in your vehicle or while on an airplane, on your lunch break, or just when you're taking time out for yourself.

See You soon for Episode 08 of Season 3.

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