The correct uses for Botox ++ This and more on Episode 05, Season 03 of Dr. Jeffrey Roth’s Looking Good Feeling Great Podcast


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Hi Again and welcome back for episode 05 of our new season 3.

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(PS: for Dr. Jeffrey Roth’s background, Bio, and reason for doing this show check out episode 01 of Season 1)

Here’s a taster for our new episode 05 - season 3.

In this new episode 05, firstly a Big Shout Out to all of you around the world for continuing to listen in. That interest and support has helped our podcast achieve this recent milestone of 100K + downloads. PS: Now just hitting @ 132+K :)

Dr Roth answers one of the most common questions he receives: explaining about the importance of the correct uses an application of Botox, and it's potential preventative uses, such as for hyperhidrosis. In Nevada, USA the application of Botox and fillers can only be injected by certified medical staff in either a hospital or from a certified medical practice. The only exception in Nevada is if a medical conference has applied for permission and it's been granted, Even in this case the following medical credentials for injection of Botox and fillers still apply.

What's it like to be a medical doctor as well as a plastic surgeon at a party. Listen in on some of the amusing anecdotes that Dr Roth shares with his co-host, and YOU the listener.

This is just for starters, listen in and hear a lot more fascinating information, we hope you enjoy this fun/fact-filled episode.

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Wow, and there's a lot more to hear... As this episode and future episodes progress you'll find YOU become more aware and gain a deeper appreciation of the complex world of plastic procedures - essentially a mix of the human body and mind engineering, coupled with great artistry and foresight. Plus, let's not forget ALL the special and helpful products and procedures. This is an industry that truly focuses on helping YOU Look Good and Feel Great...

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