Episode 247: Modern Warfare 2 has NO Slide Cancel?!


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The boys go through the latest blog post on the upcoming Season 4 Reloaded before getting into a clip of @Swagg talking about Modern Warfare 2 movement- including slide cancelling.

00:00:00 - Intro & acknowledgments

00:08:48 - Announcements

00:12:03 - Season 4 Reloaded Release Time/Vanguard F2P

00:16:10 - The shadow ban incident

00:27:08 - S4R blog post

00:36:24 - Sponsored by Kolosseum

00:38:04 - S4R blog post continued

00:57:51 - The CDL incident

01:06:18 - Don't overclock your PC

01:13:46 - Swagg on Modern Warfare 2 slide cancelling

01:21:39 - Discord coming to Xbox

01:23:17 - Plugs, reminders, & outro

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