#23. What Matters Most In Early Childhood Education? - Interview with Dinuka Ranasinghe


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If you have a child ages 2 – 6 and you’re planning to send them to preschool and kindergarten, do you feel tired of researching one school after another and you’re wondering which one can best meet your child’s needs?

Check out this week’s episode and learn which key components are important to look for in a school, regardless of the name of their educational approach.

In this episode, I interview Dinuka Ranasinghe – Preschool Director and Conscious Parenting Coach – who has over 15 years of experience in Early Childhood Development and who has worked with hundreds of families and teachers.
As you’ve probably found, there are so many school options out there. Every situation will have its pros and cons, but you and your child will greatly benefit from knowing the key components to look for.
To learn more about Dinuka's work, visit her website: theparentingevolution.com
and follow her on IG @dinukaranasinghe

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