090 - Selling on Amazon: Easier or Harder Than 5 Years Ago?


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Whether you’ve just started selling on Amazon or you’ve been doing so for a few years, you are likely to have some questions about how the Amazon landscape has changed in recent times. In today’s episode, we go deep on that topic and give you some valuable tips to navigate the changed selling environment to get the most out of it. We confirm that things are, in fact, both easier and harder than they were five years ago.

In this episode, we dive into some of the new challenges we all experience today on Amazon and how we have dealt with them. These challenges include new brand restrictions, proving that you’re a reliable seller, building up a history of seller metrics, and even sub-category restrictions. We move on to a chat about getting ungated for restricted categories (or sub-categories), and we talk about the relationship between IPI scores and limitations on inventory and warehouse.

Next, we touch on the accessibility of Seller Support and offer a free resource for how to best go about getting the help you need. We talk about the impact of retail arbitrage sourcing apps and how digital tools have changed the game. Lastly, we define mindset as the difference-maker and urge listeners to look at both the positives and the negatives of these changes to carve out the best possible way forward. We hope you join us for a jam-packed episode today.

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