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Ken Cassar is a well-known (and even better liked) e-commerce expert who has been studying e-commerce since before the launch of Each month, he interviews leaders and disruptors in e-commerce, and serves up fresh insights with a side of data from Slice Intelligence’s panel of over 5 million shoppers. Learn about what’s trending from the innovators who are shaping the future of retail. Big data. Big insights. Let’s talk e-commerce.
Brought to you by the editors of Internet Retailer, B2B E-Commerce World and Internet Health Management, the Digital Commerce 360 Insights podcast covers news and stories of how the internet is revolutionizing commerce. It combines data insights with analysis listeners can apply to their own businesses, and includes interviews with industry executives and trendsetters.
E-Commerce Boost
E-Commerce Boost interviews the biggest and brightest marketers in e-commerce today and shares the newest strategies and tactics you can use to level up your e-commerce business — just around 20 minutes meaning no long introductions and no-nonsense.
The E-BusinessOnline Podcast is the broadcast companion to the E-BusinessOnline.Com blog and resource site. Hosted by Fred McKinnon, an e-commerce company owner with over a decade of experience and tens of millions in e-commerce revenue, we discuss all things pertaining to e-commerce and e-business. From multi-channel marketplace selling to setting up stores, shopping carts, online business tips, tricks and stories, the podcast covers a wide variety of topics.
Phil and Kenny are focused on the new world of commerce and what it means for small and medium sized businesses. Tune in to hear trends, tips and wisecracks from two guys who come from retail and are generally too excited about everything.
She Seems Cool
Chelsea gets to know all the women in her work life that made her think... "she seems cool." Chelsea is the owner of ANOMIE, a San Francisco based boutique and e-commerce site that sells nice things. Meet the women behind the scenes at ANOMIE's favorite brands, showrooms, and maybe some cool customers too. Fingers crossed they want to be friends.
A weekly podcast exploring how e-commerce and digital trends shape your business and marketing strategy
Human Scale Business offers strategy consulting services to makers of original products sold online.
В рамках этой программы раз в две недели мы будем общаться с практиками электронной коммерции в России. В нашей программе из первых рук вы узнаете о самых передовых и продуктивных практиках e-commerce, сможете погрузиться внутрь самых успешных проектов Рунета и задать интересующие вас вопросы!
В рамках этой программы раз в две недели мы будем общаться с практиками электронной коммерции в России. В нашей программе из первых рук вы узнаете о самых передовых и продуктивных практиках e-commerce, сможете погрузиться внутрь самых успешных проектов Рунета и задать интересующие вас вопросы!
Kevin sits down with MyWebGrocer's Barry Clogan at the 2018 National Retail Federation Big Show, to talk about how the fast evolving e-commerce segment is creating a growing chasm between retailers that "get it" and those who don't. The focus is on customer acquisition, and the importance of focusing on total customer value as opposed to sales and transactions, and the conclusion is that retailers are running out of time to make the critical moves to keep them relevant and successful.
One Minute Digital
For the busy professional, learn new trends and tips in digital marketing and e-Commerce.
In each episode of "Exchanges at Goldman Sachs," people from the firm share their insights on developments shaping industries, markets and the global economy.
Digital Marketing podcast on SEO/Search Engine Optimization, E-Commerce, Online Advertising Social Media & More.
The show for creative entrepreneurs - marketing, selling products online, building a following, and dealing with BSOS (bright shiny object syndrome).
Merch Lifestyle
Explore print on demand strategies, expert interviews, powerful tools, and daily e-commerce entrepreneur struggles. Hosted by Spencer Shewbridge and Shannon Kempenich.
This show teaches you how to source, develop and profit from your private label product. The German host Nils is living in China. He shares the knowledge he gained during the time when his sourcing agency helped hundreds of private label sellers to import their products from China. No matter if you have imported from China before or it's your first time, these hacks & tricks might prevent you from doing mistakes that could kill you business. Sourcing in China is Easy Peasy!
Full Disclosure
A Roben Farzad production
Tankar Om
En intervjupodd med Daniel Redgert.
Get access to the world's best brains when it comes to building momentum online for established consumer brands. Join our hosts and their expert guests for conversations about ecommerce strategies, trends, and innovations. Access our brain trust and boost your brand's ecommerce potential.
The Service Academy Business Mastermind is a transformational program for Service Academy graduates who are building businesses. Our members include entrepreneurs in real estate, healthcare, manufacturing, e-commerce and more. This is the group you’ve been waiting for! The podcast is where we showcase entrepreneurial success stories from the Service Academy community: West Point, Naval Academy, Air Force Academy, Coast Guard Academy, and Merchant Marine Academy.
Fordham News
Podcast by FordhamNotes
DNA science. Artificial intelligence. Smartphones and 3D printers. Science and technology have transformed the world we live in. But how did we get here? It wasn’t by accident. Well, sometimes it was. It was also the result of hard work, teamwork, and competition. And incredibly surprising moments. Hosted by bestselling author Steven Johnson (“How We Got To Now”), American Innovations uses immersive scenes to tell the stories of the scientists, engineers, and ordinary people behind the great ...
To late for us to diet so we are just going to enjoy eating
Fent Show
Conversations with entrepreneurs, where they share their challenges and lessons learned through their journey to earning a living doing something they love.
Tech Ace Ventura
This channel is about IT technology.
Grind & Grace
There's nothing that goes down better than good food and good business. On this show I interview Small Businesses from all over that are making an impact in their communities far and wide. We talk about all the meat and potatoes and how they keep going.
Lisa & Brittney, the Mother-Daughter Duo want to help YOU! Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Do you want helpful tips to evaluate your brand? Do you have a great product or service and don't know how to get it out there to the masses? Are you intimidated by social media and don't know how to grow your following? Are you ready to sell wholesale but don't know how? Listen for Helpful Tips on How to Grow Your Brand and schedule a call today by visiting ...
Flipping The Game
For women in the sneaker world, it can feel like we've barely got a foot in the door. Flipping the Game is a three part series about the first shoe that got women into the sneaker game: the Reebok Freestyle. We dig into why women are still fighting for recognition in the sneaker world 30 years after the Freestyle dropped. Hosted by Scottie Beam. From Reebok Classic, produced in partnership with Gimlet Creative.
UK Export Advice
Are you a UK manufacturer? Hear case studies of how businesses just like yours have taken the plunge and grown their business through exporting. Don't wait for global competitors to come and take your business get out there and get a slice of the growing markets around the world. In this podcast you will hear exactly the steps UK businesses have taken to find and serve international buyers and advice from the UK's leading experts who can help you on your way to export success.
Peek behind the scenes for the honest, informal chats we have before and after the cameras roll on MSNBC’s Your Business. Hosted by journalist and entrepreneur JJ Ramberg, the show features in-depth interviews with successful founders, CEO’s and decision makers about the challenges and triumphs of building and growing a business and answers questions like how to turn a no into a yes and how to pivot in a crisis.
The Great Indoors
The Great indoors is a celebration of all things interiors and everything you need to know about making your house a home. In each episode, TV presenter and designer Sophie Robinson and best-selling author and journalist Kate Watson-Smyth will discuss, debate and guide you through the top trends and hottest topics from the home front. So pull up a chair…
Niche Income.FM
The BIGGEST, the BADDEST and MOST POPULAR podcast that covers everything from Amazon FBA to Amazon Merch featuring Travis, "the software guy" and Manny, "the nice guy" with over 8 years combined experience selling on Amazon. These guys are ready to help you learn actionable tips to scale your Amazon Merch business today!
Lab 6: Air Max Deluxe Release, a remake of the original model using modern technology
Chats with Larissa
Business owner, investor, stocks, playboy model and girl next door!
Poshmark Strategies and Tutorials to Build a Profitable Closet
Hitting Pan
A beauty journalist and an 11 year-old prodigy podcasting makeup and skincare.
Adviser In The News
Support items, such as lecture videos, for the undergraduate Information Systems course at The University of Iowa. Note: This podcast is refreshed each semester. The course begins again in June 2018. See you then!
We're shedding some light on all things floral-related! Tips about workflows in the for the floral operations, how the industry is behaving and technological advancements that enhances efficiency.
Subscribe to the Gadget Flow Podcast today to learn all about crowdfunding, marketing, product placement, and everything in between. We interview experts, consultants and CEOs as well as project creators who managed to raise millions of dollars on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.
Life, Distilled
Meet the makers, creators, achievers, and thought leaders who are charting a way forward, cocktail in hand. This is life, distilled.
Helping Connect Community with Businesses and Events
Join Mark (CEO), Will (Editor-In-Chief), and their guests as they explore how emerging technology can change governments, industries, and commerce as we know it. Learn a little bit about our team as we discuss crypto, philosophy and a bit of cosmology with ICO Executives, Influencers, Investors, Entrepreneurs, & Pundits. Honest, Ad-free, & Open minded conversations. Help us by subscribing & check out our work!Overview: App: Digest News ...
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Kory Hoang is the CEO of Stably (USDS), a regulated and transparent Stable coin hoping to take on the current market leader, Tether. Stably makes transacting in cryptocurrencies more palatable by eliminating their inherent volatility in respect to the dollar. By making StableUSD redeemable and pegged 1-to-1 with US dollars, Stably can virtually ...…
Rick Winters, vice president at Adviser Investments, has the market analysis for Wednesday, November 14. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 fell 0.8% and the NASDAQ dropped 0.9%. Apple’s stock declined an additional 2%, reducing its market cap to around $885 billion, down from $1.1 trillion in October. Meanwhile, Macy’s surpassed ...…
After experimenting on himself, Horace Wells realized that laughing gas might help make surgeries less painful. But his search for a business partner would lead him to a fateful encounter with a petty crook named William Morton. Support us by supporting our sponsors! The Great Courses - Go to for a special FREE TRIAL ...…
Fancy a zebra skin ceiling? In this special LIVE edition, Sophie and Kate debate the joys of staying in, with lots of ideas to make your home a haven. They critique the various sources of interiors inspiration, and walk you through planning a sitting room. Then the audience get stuck in with their very own Design Crimes...…
Adviser Investments’ Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell has the market analysis for Tuesday, November 13. Major U.S. stock indexes saw mixed results, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 down 0.4% and 0.2%, respectively, and the NASDAQ seeing fractional gains. Oil prices fell 7% to close at less than $56/barrel, extending what ...…
How Will Digital Change Your Business? (Thinks Out Loud Episode 233) Looking to drive results for your business? Click here to learn more. How Will Digital Change Your Business? (Thinks Out Loud Episode 233) – Headlines and Show Notes This episode of Thinks Out Loud asks “How will digital change your business next year — and beyond?” Even bette ...…
Content Marketing. What does it really mean? Getting past the gobbly gook and getting into what makes a consumer pay attention to your brand. Phil talks about helping Laura Dunkley teach Content Marketing 101 and Kenny pushes for "what the heck am I supposed to do?" The benefits of digital media versus old world market message testing. The love ...…
Adviser Investments’ Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell has the market analysis for Monday, November 12. All major U.S. stock indexes declined today: The Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500 and NASDAQ dropped 2.3%, 2.0% and 2.8%, respectively. The technology sector’s dramatic slide contributed to Amazon’s more-than 4% fall, even as the c ...…
Todd Peters, senior vice president at Adviser Investments, has the market analysis for Friday, November 9. All major U.S. stock indexes declined today, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500 and NASDAQ declining 0.8%, 0.9% and 1.7%, respectively. Oil prices also dropped—for the fifth consecutive week—falling below $60/barrel. Meanwh ...…
We dedicated this week’s episode to offering a clear overview of Amazon's Transparency program and clearing up any misconceptions that we recently came across. Amazon launched Transparency towards the end of 2017. It was first introduced in a beta, or pilot format and until a few months ago, Amazon has been slowly enrolling brands into it. In t ...…
In this episode, we sit down with Amanda Hindlian and Sandra Lawson, two of the authors of a Goldman Sachs Global Markets Institute report called "Closing the gender gaps: Advancing women in corporate America." The report aims to contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding gender equality by analyzing some of the drivers of the gender gaps i ...…
Today I have a guest for you who has managed to build a chat bot company from Siberia!Alex Kistenev is the co-founder of Standuply which is a bot that runs meetings for you within Slack.I want to find out how he’s built this company without any funding and the clever way he’s getting users to sign up for it. Alex Kistenev is the co-founder of S ...…
How high school soccer coach Ian Kelley leveraged social media and all-around resourcefulness to turn an abandoned used-car dealership into the Sugar Shack Donuts empire.
In 2006, Spencer Rascoff co-founded the real estate company Zillow, known for their "Zestimate" for figuring out the value of a home. Before that, he co-founded Hotwire that was later acquired by Expedia. He shared with us his management style which includes leading authentically and with transparency and the fact that if he wasn't running Zill ...…
Black Friday Weekend. Love it or hate it, it’s happening. In a few weeks, our bellies will be full, the football games will be nonstop, and the kids will be hopped up on candy corn. Let the stampedes begin. What are you going to do about BFCM? Skip it? Offer a heavy discount? Just do Small Business Saturday? What about Giving Tuesday? Find out ...…
I usually focus on revenue in these interviews but I do care about other indicators of size. So when I heard that Michael Krivicka from Thinkmodo was available to do an interview I wanted to get him on here. What Michael does is create viral videos. A lot of people use that term for videos that are popular but he had created truly viral content ...…
We haven’t tried any new burger places in a while so thought we would get our fix at Hawx Burger bar. Listen in and find out how it all went down! Don’t forget to click on the picture to link to their website!
Sandra Paola Mora is an Immigration consultant with a bachelor in finance. She is a young entrepreneur committed to help the hispanic community in the United States. Founded a non profit called Avance San Diego, co-founder of Femlatinas, and has an agency
Adviser Investments’ Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell has the market analysis for Thursday, November 7. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 enjoyed their best post-midterm election rallies seen since 1982: Both gained 2.1%, and the NASDAQ advanced 2.6%. In particular, health care stocks rose sharply today, up an average of 3%. M ...…
For decades, Americans resigned themselves to gritting their teeth through the agony of surgery. And then along came an eminent surgeon, a charming swindler and his hapless mark and changed everything. Support this show by supporting our sponsors! Wix - Create your very own professional website today at Simplisafe - Proetct your home an ...…
When you’re building a business it’s easier to grow faster if you connect with larger businesses that already exist. Today’s guest did that. Jon Ferrara is the founder of Nimble which is a social sales, and marketing CRM for individuals and teams.He connected to LinkedIn and he connected with Facebook. Life was good. And then what happened to h ...…
Adviser Investments’ Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell has the market analysis for Wednesday, November 6. Major U.S. stock indexes enjoyed a slight boost today, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average gaining 0.7% and both the S&P 500 and NASDAQ up 0.6%. Meanwhile, the Labor Department’s JOLTS data for September revealed a slight decline fr ...…
These are the except steps that I teach in the EPS Masterclass. If you are not sure what to start or what’s next on your sourcing journey, this is the Episode for you! Go here to download your FREE CHEAT SHEET: for the FREE MINI COURSE click here:…
Michael R. Breitman, CEO of Action COACH of Metro NY and the Berkshires talks with Ray Schwetz about his journey from architect, to building one of the largest men’s neckwear companies in the US, to bringing these experiences to businesses to help them attain and surpass their goals!
Hillary Needle, President of Hillary Needle Events Inc., discusses with Ray Schwetz how she helps businesses and non-profits gain recognition and revenue, as well as her unique ability to bridge those two worlds.
Phil plugs Wave for Small Businesses ( and dreads tax season and accounting for his business. Phil and Kenny talk about how amazing small business are and the potentials for explosive growth. Free plug for, Quest Vitamins and Pink Solution. Kenny jokes about cutting Linda Webb lose, but Philly won't talk about it. They ...…
DESCRIPTION Today we’re sharing with you a really interesting discussion with Bobsled CEO Kiri Masters and PPC Manager Stefan Jordev. Stefan is a really experienced Amazon PPC practitioner and he has been with Bobsled for over two years now. Though he’s been on the show before, this is a really exciting topic for Stefan as it touches upon all t ...…
Adviser Investments’ Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell has the market analysis for Monday, November 5. Major U.S. stock indexes saw mixed results and minimal movement as investors anticipate results from the midterm elections. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 rose 0.8% and 0.6%, respectively, while the NASDAQ fell 0.1%. The In ...…
Looking to drive results for your business? Click here to learn more. What Won’t Change: The Trends Shaping Digital Next Year (Thinks Out Loud Episode 232) – Headlines and Show Notes It’s All E-commerce It’s All E-Commerce, Revisited What Does “It’s All E-commerce” Really Mean? Thinks Out Loud Episode 77 Content is Still the King Content is Kin ...…
Kate Austin, equity research analyst at Adviser Investments, has the market analysis for Friday, November 2. All major U.S. stock indexes declined today, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500 and NASDAQ falling 0.4%, 0.6% and 1.0%, respectively. The Labor Department released its jobs report data for October: 250,000 new jobs were a ...…
There was a while where content sites were becoming less successful than SaaS and other platforms. Well, today’s guest created an addictive experience with a content site and turned it into a real business. Evan Varsamis is the founder of The Gadget Flow which is a product discovery platform that helps you discover, save, and buy awesome produc ...…
What is it like to be famous before you’re famous? What is it like to walk in the shoes of another person? Each episode of IMAGINED LIFE takes you on an immersive journey into the life of a world-famous person. It’ll be someone you may think you know, even admire -- or maybe the opposite. You’ll get clues to your identity along the way. But onl ...…
Mailchimp's Ben Chestnut never imagined a side hustle would become what it is today, a company with almost a thousand employees making half a billion dollars in revenue. Still 100% privately-owned, Ben shares why he feels like king of the misfits and his unique view on work life balance.
Adviser Investments’ Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell has the market analysis for Thursday, November 1. Major U.S. stock indexes continued their rebound: The Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 both rose 1.1% and the NASDAQ advanced 1.8%. In addition to Wall Street gains, gold prices climbed around 1.5% as the U.S. dollar declined f ...…
Here in Texas, there are 3 things that are pretty sacred, guns, football and BBQ. Doing this podcast is a great way to find some of the best BBQ in town. Sadly, we aren’t always successful in our search. Listen in to this weeks show and find out why our search continues! Don’t forget to click on the picture to link to their website!…
Joining me today is a former music industry executive who said, “The world is changing. Artists are starting to record in their bedrooms and find their audiences on YouTube and Spotify.”He knew the music industry had to understand how to work with them in a new way and he came up with that way. Conrad Withey is the founder of Instrumental, an o ...…
10 years of the Reformed Broker: the financial crisis awakening and reinvention of Wall Street icon "Downtown" Josh Brown.
Listen to Jessie Medina, founder FEM Latinas & FEM Worldwide, motivational speaker, co-author, podcast host, entrepreneur.
Having an effective Business Management is crucial for your floral business. Listen to all of the features we have to offer and how to take advantage of Komet.
Check out Crowdinsight by Gadget Flow today! In this episode, we talk to Steve Suh of Floship about how to plan your fulfillment to get the best results. Useful Links: Floship WebsiteBy (Gadget Flow Inc).
Megan Higgins, manager at Adviser Investments, has the market analysis for Wednesday, October 31. Major U.S. stock indexes surged for a second consecutive day, with the technology sector primarily leading the rally. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500 and NASDAQ gained 1.0%, 2.2% and 1.6%, respectively. Once again, General Electric ma ...…
Do you know which colour is an appetite suppressant? Or which one makes every skin tone look fabulous? In this episode, Kate and Sophie ponder the fascinating facts of colour psychology. Plus how to change your interiors to reflect the changing season, and up next in the room planning series: the master bedroom. Oh, and several unscheduled appe ...…
The polio vaccine may have wiped out the disease in the United States, but the struggle to eradicate it continues around the world. Dr. Rosamund Lewis is an expert in immunization and helps lead the World Health Organization’s initiative for polio eradication. You're supporting this show by supporting our sponsors! The Great Courses - Go to The ...…
Adviser Investments’ Chief Investment Officer Jim Lowell has the market analysis for Tuesday, October 30. Major U.S. stock indexes enjoyed solid gains today, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average up 1.8% and the S&P 500 and NASDAQ both gaining 1.6%. Meanwhile, General Electric plunged nearly 9%—down to its lowest level since 2009—after anno ...…
One of the things I love about entrepreneurs is that they are not afraid to take on big competition. Today’s guest is someone I’ve admired for not only taking on a behemoth but also doing it well. Jerry Hum is the co-founder of Touch of Modern which is focused on discovery of unique and noteworthy products.I invited him here to find out how he’ ...…
Ray Schwetz & Donyshia Boston-Hill talk with Karen Tenenbaum, P.C., tax attorney, about taxes, steps for goal setting, financial literacy, and success!
Cobey shares how he is using Sober October to focus on wellness using supplements, minimizing his footprint by repairing old electronics, and creating his own style while staying true to the small batch lifestyle. Small batch and independent companies in this episode include: House of Ferments https://hostdefe ...…
What retailers value and how to deliver it without giving everything away. Phil talks about helping a brand be valuable to a retailer while still keeping profit in their pocket. Phil talks about Kenny's coffee and the duo talks about how freelancers network and work together. Plugs this week to Vive Social and their founder Shnane Liem, a wonde ...…
DESCRIPTION Today we’re rolling out another great episode we recorded at 2018. This time we’re interviewing Ken Fenyo of Fuel by McKinsey & Co, a professional with deep expertise in loyalty programs, e-commerce, personalized marketing, and customer analytics in the retail, consumer goods, and technology industries. Ken moderated a pane ...…
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