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We are proud to announce that Casper Ruud is our guest for Episode 100 🥳🎉
Casper is in unbelievable form recently, having just made SF runs in Monte Carlo & Madrid, as well as capturing the title in Geneva. He is currently ranked #16 in the world ⭐
We talk:

  • Growing up playing tennis
  • Training with Rafael Nadal
  • His love of golf
  • Important factors that helped him break the Top 20
  • Playing his Dad in tennis

It was a real pleasure to have Casper on the show. He was a super nice guy & we wish him the best of luck going forward 🙌
We also announce the winner of the Slinger Bag at the end of the episode 😉
Finally, a big thanks to all of our listeners! We are delighted to have been able to release 100 episodes & hope to release at least 100 more 😉

Hope you enjoy it & let us know what you think!
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Episode Chapters
2:18 - Recent results & form

5:05 - Training with Rafael Nadal

7:41 - Biggest takeaway from hitting with Nadal

9:12 - Playing tennis growing up

11:11 - Love of Golf

20:07 - What helped you to breakthrough?

22:11 - Playing tennis with his Dad

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