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Creating a new look isn't cheap, especially if your goal is to be more feminine. This week, we answer a question from listener Zoelle who asks "What are some feminizing tips for looks and clothing for someone who can't afford clothes or accessories?" In this episode we'll share some great ways to feminize your look for free and for super cheap. Because no matter the contents of their pocket book, everyone deserves to look great and express who they are. And we'd love to hear your tips too! Share them with us by email or on Twitter with the hashtag #FreeFeminize. Check out Sephora or Harmon Face Values for free makeup samples, or check out Wet & Wild cosmetics at your local drug store or supermarket. Reddit's /r/crossdressing and /r/MtF for tips and info. Also be sure and check out our friend Jess at the podast Transpantastic.

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