Episode 5 - My Brother My Brother and Me


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It's Time to tackle the big one! finger guns

Note: This is an edited re-upload. In our first upload we included the problematic bit "Glass Shark" without discussing it's issues. In this re-upload we've cut that bit out so as to not offend. In the interest of not erasing the problematic issues that have occassionally been present in some of this content, but rather discussing it and exploring ways to grow as a community, we've decided to do an episode dedicated to some of the more contentious bits and ideas that have caused more harm and discomfort than good. That being said, we're sorry if the original audio offended anyone and we thank you for your gentle correction of our mistake.

Special thanks to Ross for the Cover Art

And Thanks to all these bands for the snippets of their songs we used in the openning: The Long Winters, Bo en, The Taxpayers, Mort Garson, BrentalFloss.

And thanks to the McElroy brothers for not suing us and making such amazing content.

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