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The only podcast where 2-3 small giants AND top performers, come together weekly to give behind the scenes look at turning trials into triumph - in life, work, and business. Thalia Toha is the host. She is a CEO, Outdoor adventurer, Former architect, Strategist, and Advocate of purposeful work that make a big impact. She believes that anyone can be a small giant. Her thoughts and insights have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, SELF Magazine, & Business Insider. And with less than 100 followers, she's advised companies with a combined annual revenue of $120+ Billion. She doesn't believe that you have to be a big name to have a fulfilling life. Thalia is passionate about teaching and supporting people so that they can go home at the end of the day, sit down on their couch, and be able to say: "I LOVE what I do." Which is why on this podcast with listeners in 60+ countries, she shares insights from her work with her students, and from people who are just starting out, to Talks with Google speakers, from Olympians to TEDx speakers, and from US Air Force pilots to Emmy award winners. When she's not busy teaching and helping entrepreneurs and professionals around the world, she's doing things outside of her comfort zone, like getting her butt kicked at elevations of 13,000+ feet - about half of Everest. Follow, Subscribe, Add, or Collect this show so that you don't miss out on ways to be part of a group of extraordinary individuals.

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