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My guest for The Happy Hour #365 is Scott Sauls. Scott is senior pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church, a multi-site community in Nashville, Tennessee. He has also published five books, including 'Jesus Outside the Lines' and his latest, 'A Gentle Answer.'

You may recognize Scott from our Faith & Politics special in the fall, and I’m so thankful he is joining us again! Y’all, Scott dropped so many gospel-filled words in this conversation, summarizing it just won’t do the show justice. In today’s episode, we talk about the timeliness of his book A Gentle Answer during a year like 2020, and the difference between American and Global Christianity. Scott also dives into what we can do to make sure we have the gentleness of Jesus, and fighting against our natural pull towards self-righteousness. He says “Don’t look for a bypass road around Jesus to get to character. You’re never going to become gentle without going straight through Jesus.” OOF. Grab and pen and paper for this interview - you’re going to need it. Scott has the most pastoral spirit and I always walk away feeling challenged to become more like Jesus.

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