Dr. Jill Cook (Part 1)- Tendinopathy Mechanisms & Considerations


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Jason Eure chats with Dr. Jill Cook, international tendinopathy researcher, on current trends in the development of tendinopathy including unloading effects on tendons, interfascicular sliding, teaching tendinopathy concepts, strength training as a preventative measure for tendinopathy, inflammation/vascular clarification in tendons, tendon structure and effects on pain/outcomes, tendon adaptations, systemic and non-mechanical effects on tendinopathy, genetic factors in tendinopathy, and more.

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Dr. Jill Cook is a professor in musculoskeletal health in the La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre at La Trobe University in Melbourne Australia. Jill's research areas include sports medicine and tendon injury. After completing her PhD in 2000, she has investigated tendon pathology, treatment options and risk factors for tendon injury. Jill currently supplements her research by conducting a specialist tendon practice and by lecturing and presenting workshops both in Australia and overseas

Dr. Jason Eure is a physical therapist practicing out of Vienna, Virginia with PT Solutions. He got his Bachelor’s Degree in Human Nutrition and Exercise from Virginia Tech University in 2011. He graduated from the University of St. Augustine in 2013 where he earned his DPT and was awarded the Stanley Paris and Catherine Patla Award for Excellence in Manual Therapy. He also worked as a volunteer assistant strength & conditioning coach at both the University of Richmond and Virginia Tech University.

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