EP 36. Unique Animals Paper Craft Entrepreneur Tristan Sopp from Resident


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In today’s episode, I have Tristan Sopp, Product Designer and founder of Resident joining me. Resident is a DIY Paper Craft Animal Kit company that creates fun paper products that are perfect for kids and adults alike. Resident focuses on creating animal-inspired paper products that are extremely interesting but simple, easy and fun to make. Resident DIY paper animal kits are great for any skill level and range in price from $25 onward and ship for free nationwide (in the US).

Mr. Sopp has always been a creative that believes in making high-quality designs that people will love and appreciate. Mr. Sopp is an architecture student in college. During this time, he realized he was attracted to the construction aspect of making items - not just buildings. Ultimately this realization led him to founding Resident in 2015 and he’s been running it ever since.

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