Automotive Retail Misnomers with Micah Birkholz and Dan Moore


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In automotive retail, we often hear a lot of buzzwords and phrases. These can often be misunderstood or even misused as people latch onto them. In this episode, Dan Moore and Micah Birkholz join host Dane Saville to help clarify and even dispel what it means when you "hustle and grind" or when companies claim to be "data-driven."
Throughout this episode, you'll get insights on healthier perspectives on motivating dealership staff, misleading data claims and key performance indicators, addressing the disconnect between marketing data and sales data, and much more -- plus, hopefully, a few laughs along the way.
4:01 -- Introducing Micah Birkholz and Dan Moore
4:32 -- Automotive Origin Stories

  • Legacy
  • Guidance from Family

5:52 -- Misnomer 1: Should We Really Embrace "Hustle and Grind"?

  • Negative Connotation
  • But ...
  • False Expectation
  • Is There a Healthier Perspective?
  • Social Media "Superstar-ism"
  • It Takes Hard Work
  • Your "Why"
  • People and Process
  • Want You Broke
  • A New Way to Phrase "Hustle and Grind"
  • Understanding Your Employees

14:00 -- Misnomer 2: What Does "Data-Driven" Really Mean?

  • Superficiality
  • Teaching All the Wrong Things
  • Buzzword Issue
  • Analyze to Move the Ball
  • Traffic Versus Conversion
  • Quality Versus Quantity
  • Most Misleading Data / KPIs in Automotive Retail
  • Signals Versus Holisticism

30:55 -- Chasing the Silver Bullet

  • Following the Big Names
  • Do As You See
  • Strategy
  • You Have to Market It

32:39 -- Tell the Story of the Brand

  • Selling Fulfillment
  • Polaroid Example
  • Tie Emotion to Experience
  • How Do You Solve a Problem?
  • The About Us Page

38:18 -- The Danger of Good Digital Metrics and Flat Sales Disconnect

  • Introspection
  • Dealer Example
  • Dissect the Problem
  • TRM: Time, Resources, Money

44:15 -- Is 30 Days Truly Long Enough to Identify Waste and Have Perspective?
47:17 -- Obvious Data Red Flags
47:55 -- Highest Converting / Best Opportunities in Digital Marketing
51:53 -- Concluding Thoughts

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