LoP - Episode26 - Comics And Blizzcon And Gundam Oh My!


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You blink awake and you're already at the tavern door. Inside, you hear your guide yelling about how Justice League Batman sounds lame. As you enter, you see her waving a fist full of papers that she's grabbed from the noticeboard....This is going to be rough. This week, Player 2 you'll go EVERYWHERE. Well, you'll go some places. - The basement of Lou's, to discuss toxic masculinity in geekery. - Outer space to see why time loops and Harry Mudd are the best. -Batman's cave to look at Metal tie ins and Nightwing's New Order. -An arcade with all the (important to the AllGeek) news about Blizzcon, Torchlight creator's Runic Games and Animal Crossing. Plus, in the Tavern there is so much news..... Let's roll, player 2.

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