Heather Eastwood leaves practice to teach high school


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Heather Eastwood is a public interest lawyer (with a brief detour into BigLaw) who found her long-term calling teaching public high school.

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • Heather came out of college feeling adrift without a clear path to follow
  • She went to law school somewhat on a whim, because it was at least an extension of learning
  • Heather ended up working for legal aid in Hawaii
  • Her best professional experience was based on a highly collaborative environment
  • Heather decided to move to the Bay Area and ended up having to take a firm job
  • She felt deeply misaligned doing big corporate work
  • Heather quit from her honeymoon
  • She went back to the core of what she enjoyed in previous roles and her core values
  • Heather decided to teach high school, and has been happily doing it for a decade
  • The best piece of advice she ever got was “you are never stuck; you always have choices”

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